Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City Cycling Experiences

Discover busy Saigon urban’s life from an insider’s point of view as we immerse you in the fascinating lifestyle and culture of the people. Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Cycling Tours are more fun than ever!

Pedal It Forward. A Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Cycling tours will be more fantastic if we all share smiles, moments, stories and of course the ride together. Join Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Cycling Tours today with us.

From $45 / pax

Duration: 4-5 hrs 
 Distance: ~ 15km Set in the heart of Saigon, we begin our adventure cycling and, immersing ourselves through the hustle and bustle of Chinatown’s enchanting historical charms and learning about the story of Chinatown’s richest man, Quach Dam.

From $45 / pax

Duration: 4 hrs 
 Distance: ~ 12km Hop in Jackfruit's bike and enjoy an unforgettable experience exploring Saigon off-the-beaten-path with delicious food on bikes. Saigon nighttime is always the best time to explore the city as locals

From $45 / pax

Duration: 4-5 hrs 
 Distance: ~ 15km Uncover Saigon's untold stories pedaling through vibrant alleyways. Immerse in urban life, explore Chinatown's cultural tapestry. Escape tourist traps, make memories, and spread smiles.

From $45 / pax

Duration: 4-5 hrs 
 Distance: ~ 15km Embark on a captivating journey through time and culture along Saigon's historic railway. Discover the hidden oasis of Thanh Da, where Vietnamese countryside's rustic charm awaits.

From $70 / pax

Duration: 9 hrs 
 Distance: ~ 30km On our all-day tour that seamlessly blends urban vibrancy with countryside serenity. This unique experience combines the excitement of City Cycle Adventure with the charm of Countryside Cycle Adventure, for an unforgettable experience.

From $69 / pax

Duration: ~ hrs 
 Distance: ~ km Seeking an escape from the typical touristy traps? Whether you're in search of a more culturally rich or profoundly meaningful experience in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, let's start the conversation there.

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Immerse yourself with the city vibes of Saigon on a Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Cycling Tour.

Get belong with locals, make the most of your time. Time to experiences Saigon Ho Chi Minh in a whole new different way on a Ho Chi Minh Saigon Cycling Tour.

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Embark on a purposeful journey to restore Thanh Da Island's beauty through exploration, conservation, and teamwork.

Ignite team bonds, make a lasting impact through cooking, building, and helping under privileged kids in this purposeful event.

Team up and race through Saigon's Chinatown to collect gifts for orphans. Foster teamwork, collaboration, problem solving and cohesion.

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