Group Size: 15 -200
Duration: 3-6 hrs

Get ready to make a meaningful impact. A team building activity in Ho Chi Minh City that can help forge stronger team bonds as we embark on an incredible journey to bond with your teammates, gaining trust and make a positive impact to community through unforgetable team building ho chi minh.

Showcase your commitment to social responsibility, enhance collaboration and communication skills, and create a nurturing environment for the orphans with Castaway Island – an extraordinary journey of improve surviving skills, connect and beyond.

What’s Included:

  • Catering: Food & Drinks
  • Facilitation and Staffing
  • Medical Support
  • Safety Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Equipment and Props
  • Prizes and Rewards
  • Event Signage and Branding
  • Venue
  • Photographer

Amazing Team Building

Warm Up  & Team Assembly

Teams are confronted with a scenario of being stranded on a deserted island, where a group of survivors find themselves marooned after a shipwreck. With limited resources and unknown dangers lurking in the wilderness, they must unite and collaborate to ensure their survival. We’ll begin the session with a fun and engaging game where participants take on different roles such as Survivors, Navigators, and Hunters. The objective is to uncover the identity of the Hunters before they eliminate all the Survivors.

Thrilling Experiences 
Survival Showdown

Building on the storyline, the assembled team must travel around  the island where various game stations are set up with escalating levels of challenges. For instance, teams may need to decipher crucial messages encoded in Morse code to obtain essential survival items. Each member plays a pivotal role in relaying critical information. However, a compelling twist awaits as teams face the difficult choice of sacrificing one of their own. Overall this will  put their communication, critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills to the test.

Nurturing Dreams
A Heartwarming Finale

In a climactic finale, as night descends, the island plunges into darkness. Teams come together, blindfolded, forming a serpentine shape, communicating through gentle taps on each other’s shoulders to navigate and gather essential survival items. As the session draws to a close, we’ll celebrate not only the items we’ve collected but also the deeper purpose and meaning behind them. These donated gifts will make a significant difference in local communities. It culminates in a heartwarming finale, wrapping up our journey with warmth and unity.

Watch us in action here:

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Purposeful CSR Team Building Experiences in Ho Chi Minh Saigon Vietnam

Unleash your team’s potential, improve teamwork, and positively impact our community. Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines fun, growth, and meaningful change.



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