Top places to ride bicycle in Ho Chi Minh city

Top places to ride bicycle in Ho Chi Minh city

Are you looking for top places to ride bicycle in Ho Chi Minh city

Motorbikes are taking priority on the crazy traffic scene in Saigon, isn’t it bothering your cycling passion? Wake up!!! Inside this bustling town, there are still some excellent cycling routes waiting for you. Let’s find a suitable one among these routes below with the top places to ride bicycle in Ho Chi Minh city

  1. Hoang Sa- Truong Sa routes
top places to ride bicycle Ho Chi Minh city
Morning vibes in Hoang Sa- Truong Sa cycling route

The top list of our places to ride bicycle in Ho Chi Minh city is: A beautiful pair of streets along the scenic Nhieu Loc canal with lines of greenery. The route goes through the center area of Saigon, offers you 1 hour of relaxing atmosphere and many attractive architectures located around the sides.

ho chi minh city cyling tourThe main purpose of the route would be more about sight-seeing and practicing with the traffic culture in Saigon, suitable for your very first cycling trip around the city.

top cycling routes ho chi minh city
Hoang Sa- Truong Sa route

Total length: 14,3 kilometers

Starting location: Da Kao clock tower- Hoang Sa street

Note: make a turn to Truong Sa street when you reach the end of Nhieu Loc canal

Ending location: Thi Nghe bridge (Binh Thanh district)

2. Vo Van Kiet Boulevard

East-West Boulevard in Saigon, also known as Vo Van Kiet- Mai Chi Tho boulevard, is a major road that runs from the eastern part of the city to the western outskirts. It is a significant transportation artery that connects various districts and facilitates smooth traffic flow.

top cycling routes ho chi minh city
Iconic Vo Van Kiet boulevard

Cycling from the beginning to the end of the route, you will have the opportunity to witness how buildings and local life change from the downtown to the sub-urban areas, magnificent bridges and poetic canals, airy and spacious streets. Vo Van Kiet boulevard is a part of our Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour, let’s join us.

top cycling paths ho chi minh city
Cycling as group on Vo Van Kiet boulevard

Total length: 14 kilometers (one-way distance)

Starting location: Tran Hung Dao statue -> Ton Duc Thang street -> Vo Van Kiet boulevard 

Notes: Return to the other side of Vo Van Kiet boulevard at Cau Nuoc Len bridge and go back to the downtown (two-way distance 30 kilometers)

Ending location: Ba Son bridge

top routes for cyclists in Ho Chi Minh city
Vo Van Kiet boulevard cycling route

3. Pham Van Dong Boulevard

ho chi minh city cycling tourNext on the list of our places to ride bicycle in Ho Chi Minh city Connecting Saigon and Thu Duc city (used to be a district of Ho Chi Minh city), Pham Van Dong boulevard was established in 2014- one of the newest boulevard in Saigon. Pham Van Dong boulevard has been tried by many cycling enthusiasts lately and considered as one of the best cycling routes in Saigon for its spacious lanes and airy atmosphere, plus there will be a few long bridges(Binh Loi, Go Dua,…) that’s really suitable for elevation riding tests.

Total length: 14 kilometers (one-way distance)

Starting location: Ho Chi Minh city circus (Gia Dinh park)

Notes: Return at Duong So 4 intersection (two-ways distance 29,6 kilometers)

Ending location: Linh Xuan bridge.

top recommended cycling routes in Ho Chi Minh city
Pham Van Dong boulevard cycling route

4. Thanh Da island

A little version of Mekong delta- a countryside view cycling route places to ride bicycle in Ho Chi Minh city located in the heart of Saigon, Thanh Da island’s still an unknown place for cyclists.

top places for cycling in ho chi minh city
Thanh Da island- amazing cycling place

Cycling to Thanh Da island is not only for exercising, but also to feel nature, the local people’s culture and local food, and you are going to ride at a slow pace to inhale as much countryside’s air as possible. The island is quite small so you don’t need to worry about being exhausted.

ho chi minh countryside cycling tour

Total length: Depends on how much time you want to spend for cycling on the island

ho chi minh city cyling route

Starting location: Thi Nghe bridge, ride along the Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street to Kinh Thanh Da bridge (the entrance way of Thanh Da island)

Ending location: You can rest at some local coffee shop around the island when exhausted.

Best places for cycling in Ho Chi Minh city
Thanh Da island cycling route

Important: The paths in Thanh Da island may be a little bit hard for the new expats, you may need to research and make your own route before the trip. 

Or you may need a cycling friend- a tour guide with you on Thanh Da island ride, at Jackfruit Adventure’s Hidden Island cycling tour.

5. Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard

Versus other routes, Nguyen Van Linh is a little bit further from the downtown of Saigon. But the wonderful things: there are thick lines of greenery throughout the boulevard and the traffic is always great, so you don’t have to worry about escaping from the route  places to ride bicycle in Ho Chi Minh city during rush hours. 

best cycling route ho chi minh city
Eye-catching greenery coast on Nguyen Van Linh boulevard

cycling city fun ho chi minhTotal length: 16 kilometers (one-way distance)

Starting location: Phu My Hung Urban Area

Ending location: Nguyen Van Linh- 1A National Road intersection.

best cycling route ho chi minh city saigon
Nguyen Van Linh boulevard cycling route

6. Thao Dien urban area- Nguyen Van Huong street.

Thao Dien urban area offers clean streets, greenery along the beautiful villas on the sides, comfortable traffic and fresh winds coming from Saigon river. This route surrounds the urban area, really suitable for a morning ride exercise because of its short distance and not far from Saigon downtown. 

thao dien best cycling place in ho chi minh city
Thao Dien urban area- favorite place of cyclists

Thao Dien is also a well known places for expat hub of Ho Chi Minh city since the majority of expat stay in Thao Dien for work and stay. You can join to some cycling club here to getting more friends in the city as well as find the people have the same cycling hobbies as you.

top cycling places in Saigon
Make new cyclist friends

Thao Dien riders is a great group you can try to join for references.

If you wanted to know more about Thao Dien, you can check our Insider guide about Thao Dien District 2

cycling in district 2 ho chi minh

Total length: 5 kilometers (can do multiple rounds for exercises)

Starting location: Thao Dien street

Ending location: Saigon Bridge park (good place to freshen yourself with local vendors and shadows around the park)

Thao Dien top places to ride bicycle in Ho chi minh city
Thao Dien cycling route

Important notices:

  • All of the cycling routes above are suitable for road bikes.
  • You should manage your time well in order to avoid the rush hours in Saigon
  • Always wear helmet, follow the traffic laws like motorbike riders

If you are still new to the city, try out Jackfruit Adventure’s daily Ho Chi Minh city cycling tours. It’s a perfect option to explore the city while using your favorite kind of vehicles. Our tour guides are also cycling lovers and willing to share with you stories about everything you see on the ride. 

7. Saigon Off-the-beaten-path

ho chi minh city cyling routes

This tour is designed by Jackfruit Adventure aim for someone want to have a short half day ride 20 km to learn about Saigon Ho Chi Minh city. Experience Saigon’s Off-the-beaten-path hidden stories and pedal through vibrant District 4’s intimate alleyways, where old meets new in a captivating fusion of architecture and flavors.

ho chi minh city cyling tour

Experience the authentic pulse of urban life in District 10, a lesser-known gem offering a true local immersion. Explore the heart of Chinatown’s Cho Lon in District 5, unraveling its rich cultural tapestry. Escape the tourist traps and bond with new friends as we uncover the city’s best-kept secrets.

ho chi minh group cyling tour

Other activities for you to do in Saigon 

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