Great outdoors activities in Saigon

Great outdoor activities in Saigon

Are you looking for outdoor activities in Saigon? It’s quite hard for you to choose what activities would fit your characteristics since there are so many of them in this bustling town. Let Jackfruit Adventure help you with some top suggestions:  

  • Spend a day in Cu ChiGreat outdoors activities in Saigon
    Cu chi Ho chi minh cycling tour
    Entrance of Cu Chi tunnels system

Cu Chi tunnels is one of the most famous attractive locations for tourists in Ho Chi Minh city. It’s located in Cu Chi ward, 70 kilometers from the downtown of Saigon. To get there, you may need to book a Cu Chi tunnels tour from travel agencies in District 1 for a seat on Limousine bus and tour guide’s support, or you can book a private driver and explore there in your own way.

Cu Chi Tunnels is an extensive network of underground tunnels located in Cu Chi district, Vietnam. These tunnels played a significant role during the Vietnam War, serving as a base for the Viet Cong forces. The tunnels were used for various purposes, including living quarters, communication routes, supply storage, and even hospitals. They provided the Viet Cong with a strategic advantage, allowing them to launch surprise attacks and evade enemy forces.

cu chi Ho Chi Minh cycling tour
Cu Chi tunnels entrance hole

Cu Chi Tunnels has been preserved as a historical site and tourist attraction. Visitors can explore sections of the tunnels, gaining insight into the harsh conditions and ingenious engineering that characterized this underground network. Guided tours provide a glimpse into the daily life of the Viet Cong fighters and the tactics they employed.

Important: It will take you an hour to fully visit the tunnels site. Because visitors will explore the tunnels that have a depth from 4 meters to 12 meters and the tunnels’ way will lack lights, space and air, so it’s not really suitable for anyone who has heart issues, asthma, blood pressures… or any problems related to breathing. 

There are also more activities for you in Cu Chi tunnels site to spend a whole day. If you are interested in firing real guns, then you should not skip the Cu Chi shooting range. You will have the chance to use both M16- the main weapon of U.S troops and AK.47- the famous weapon of the Viet Cong soldiers, which is produced in Russia. With the affordable price per bullet here (~2- 2.5$), don’t hesitate to try all kinds of weapons available in Cu Chi like: M60 machine gun, M1 Garand, K63, K54,… In the afternoon, Cu Chi tunnels site still offers riverside restaurant with local specialties, swimming pools, shooting games, war zone reenactment areas,…

cu chi ho chi minh cycling tour
Paintball shooting in Cu Chi
  • Immerse yourself at flea markets and playgrounds in Saigon

Great outdoors activities in Saigon

-> Saigon Outcast- Nguyen Van Huong street, Thao Dien ward, District 2.

Saigon Outcast is considered the coolest youth playground in Ho Chi Minh city, with the size of 860 square meters. This place was established in 2012 but at the beginning, there were only a few Vietnamese hip-hop fans and some foreigners knew about it. 

outdoor activity ho chi minh cycling tour
Saigon Outcast the youth playground

It is truly the place for you to spend all day long. The playground is decorated with graffiti walls and hip-hop vibes, full of youth activities like rock climbing (15 meters high), skate-boarding, acoustic music, rap or dance battles, festival days… Sometimes the Saigon Outcast organizes special events like Free Food Wednesday, Free Cinema on Thursdays night, water festival, rap or graffiti competitions. 

-> The flea antique market- 311/27 No Trang Long street, Binh Thanh District

outdoor activity ho chi minh cycling tour
Antique market café

This unique market opens on Saturday and Sunday, from 6:00 to 14:00, the entrance fee is 40.000 dong but you can use the ticket to exchange for a street food meal or a drink. It’s actually a 2-storey coffee shop but the owner decided to use the middle yard for traders and antique enthusiasts. For anyone who doesn’t buy stuff here, enjoy coffee and make friends with the people around who also got love for antiquities. The trading culture here is strict, most traders in the market have the passion for their goods. If any traders sell fake or unpredictable things, they would be banned from the market. 

outdoor activity ho chi minh cycling tour
Friendly traders and enthusiasts

The more you see in Vietnam, the more you get cultured. Here are some more antique streets from Jackfruit Adventure’s suggestions:

19 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Tan Binh district: where you can find a lot of retro and vintage style clothes, which are made by the Saigonese. 

27-3 Le Cong Kieu street, Nguyen Thai Binh ward, District 1: another antique street, but open daily and have a large variety of antique goods.  

Nhat Tao street, District 10: Famous for numerous stores selling antique stuff that’s related to technology like: watches, calculators, flash lights,…

  • Paddle a kayak on Saigon river- Thanh Da island.

Great outdoors activities in Saigon

ourdoor kayak ho chi minh cycling tour
Paddling kayak in Thanh Da island

Located in Binh Thanh district, this miniature version of the Mekong Delta is a mere 6km away from downtown Saigon, offering a tranquil retreat for those seeking respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Thanh Da island boasts numerous paddling clubs that offer convenient access to kayaks, allowing you to fully indulge in the serene currents of the Saigon River. Embark on a captivating journey as you explore renowned historical sites, take a pause near the picturesque coconut palm shoreline, and relish a refreshing coconut while basking in the breathtaking sunset.

The pricing for a delightful paddling experience is exceptionally reasonable, catering to all budgets, with a nominal fee of around $10. The optimal timeframe to embark on a mesmerizing kayak adventure at Thanh Da island is between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

Address: Binh Quoi sports center- 1017 Binh Quoi street, Binh Thanh district ( Thanh Da island ).

  • Become an archer

Great outdoors activities in Saigon

outdoor archery ho chi minh cycling tour
Outdoor archery range Saigon

One of the best outdoor activities of all times, archery is really popular in Saigon and it’s not difficult for the beginners. It just takes us 15-30 minutes to understand and be able to use the archery techniques: installing arrows, pulling, releasing… with the guidance of the trainer. Learning how to shoot an arrow may bring you surprisingly benefits, such as improving your concentration, vision, calm and self-confidence… 

Here are some best outdoor archery ranges in Ho Chi Minh city:

  • Binh Quoi sports center- 1017 Binh Quoi street, Binh Thanh district ( Thanh Da island ): An outdoor archery club located in Binh Thanh district, only 5 kilometers from the downtown of Saigon. This place has full equipment and tools for you to practice archery and also organize team-game competitions for anyone who wants to join.
  • Galaxy archery club- 55B Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1: was founded by a group of professional archers so there will be many trainers there to help you practice. It’s also convenient for anyone who wants to practice for several days because it’s located in the downtown area.
  • Practice riding a horse.

Great outdoors activities in Saigon

Engaging in horse riding is an immensely soothing pursuit, as it involves establishing a connection with majestic equines and mastering the art of maintaining equilibrium while mounted on them. This unique experience not only allows you to forge a deep bond with the natural world but also enhances your problem-solving skills and serenity. Given the unpredictable nature of commanding such a magnificent creature, it presents opportunities to overcome unforeseen challenges and cultivate a composed demeanor.

outdoor activity ho chi minh cycling tour
Riding horses in Saigon

The horse stables typically brim with lush vegetation and abundant sunlight, nestled in the suburban regions of the city. Within Ho Chi Minh City, certain horse stables that have the variety of horses and suitable for anyone:

Vietgangz Horse Club: 88- Number 9 street, Long Phuoc ward, District 9.

Saigon Farm Horse Club: Trinh Van Nghi/ Nguyen Van Linh intersection, Binh Chanh district.

Saigon Pony Club: 164 Tam Da street, Long Truong ward, District 9.

  • Explore amusement parks

Great outdoors activities in Saigon

Amusement parks offer a variety of benefits and experiences that make them worth considering for a visit. Firstly, they provide a wide range of thrilling rides and attractions that cater to different interests and age groups, offering entertainment and excitement for everyone. Additionally, amusement parks often have themed areas or zones that create immersive environments, allowing you to escape reality and immerse yourself in a different world.

Amusement parks also promote physical activity and outdoor recreation. Many rides and attractions require physical exertion, which can be a fun way to stay active and burn calories. Additionally, walking around the park and exploring different areas can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Overall, amusement parks provide a combination of entertainment, social interaction, physical activity, and unique experiences that make them a compelling choice for a day of fun and enjoyment.

Suggestions for amusement parks:

  • Dam Sen: 3 Hoa Binh street, Ward 3, District 11 (waterpark gate); 262 Lac Long Quan, Ward 5, District 11 (theme park gate)
outdoor activity ho chi minh cycling tour
Dam Sen amusement park

The nearest location to the Downtown of Saigon, it takes only 30 minutes traveling by car. Dam Sen is famous for the best waterpark in Saigon with cool slides and large games area. The waterpark is just a small part of the whole Dam Sen amusement park, so be wise on time management ! (Important: Because it’s not far from the downtown of Saigon, so the best time to visit shouldn’t be in the summer and try to not on the weekend or it may be crowded)

  • Dai Nam: 1765A- National Road 13, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province.
outdoor activity ho chi minh cycling tour
Dai Nam amusement park

Although not located in Ho Chi Minh city, it’s only 1,5 hours to get there by bus or car and worth visiting for its tremendous architecture. Dai Nam amusement park has a size of 711 hectares, you will be surprised with giant temples, golden statues and man made landscapes and the Vietnamese culture hidden behind everything you see. Dai Nam is also famous for having one of the biggest zoos in Vietnam containing more than 100 endangered species. 

  • Suoi Tien: 120 Xa lộ Hà Nội (Hanoi highway), Thu Duc city.
outdoor activity ho chi minh cycling tour
Suoi Tien theme park’s Aquarium

Suoi Tien amusement park, situated in close proximity to downtown Saigon, is easily accessible within a mere 45-minute journey. Renowned for its thrilling outdoor activities, this park offers a plethora of exciting experiences including exhilarating roller coasters, captivating dinosaur rides, and the opportunity to engage in alligator fishing. Moreover, an unmissable attraction within the park is its remarkable aquarium, housing over 100 diverse underwater species and a wide array of exquisite coral formations.

  • Release your stresses by playing golf

Great outdoors activities in Saigon

Playing golf offers several benefits that make it an appealing sport for many individuals. Golf is a great way to engage in physical activity and exercise. Walking the course, swinging the club, and carrying or pushing a golf bag can contribute to cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall fitness.

Additionally, golf provides an opportunity for spending time outdoors and enjoying nature. Golf courses are often set in beautiful landscapes, offering a serene and peaceful environment. This can help reduce stress levels and promote mental well-being.

Playing golf might be new to many people, but luckily we have Tan Son Nhat golf course located just next to the airport area, not a long distance for everyone.

outdoor activity ho chi minh cycling tour
Tan Son Nhat golf course
  • Address: 6 Tan Son street, Ward 12, Go Vap District.
  • Visit mother nature in Saigon botanical garden and zoo

Great outdoors activities in Saigon

outdoor activity ho chi minh cycling tour
Saigon Botanical garden and zoo

Established in 1865 during the era of French colonial rule, this exquisite haven is situated on 2- Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, within the serene Ben Nghe ward of District 1. This remarkable abode serves as a sanctuary to a diverse array of life forms, housing a magnificent collection of 125 distinct animal species and an impressive assortment of 260 varieties of majestic trees.

outdoor activity ho chi minh cycling tour
Saigon botanical garden and zoo

Exploring the urban zoo can be considered as a delightful option for outdoor recreation in Saigon, providing an opportunity to establish a stronger bond with nature and indulge in expansive verdant surroundings. Upon arrival, it is advisable to bring along various vegetables such as carrots, morning glory, and grasses to nourish the adorable creatures. 

  •  Cycling through streets and alleys in Saigon

Great outdoors activities in Saigon

Exploring the city on a bicycle is undoubtedly the most highly recommended activity according to Jackfruit Adventure. Numerous hidden gems within the city eagerly await your discovery as you simultaneously improve your health on two wheels. Several lively streets are waiting to surprise you with their culture and beauty.

outdoor activity ho chi minh cycling tour
Unforgettable Saigon morning trip on bicycle

If you are still hesitating on buying a new bicycle to explore the city’s hidden places, let us help you with our daily Saigon off-the-beaten path cycling tour. Come and join us now for an unforgettable outdoor experience!

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