Saigon Alleyway Culture

What to do in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh city 

Saigon alleyway culture

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Saigon’s alleyway culture is a unique and authentic feature of the city. With up to 80% of Saigon residents living in small alleys, the culture of the countryside has been passed down through generations, and the old features of Saigon alleys still remain through the lifestyle and activities of the feet imprinted in the alleys.

Nguyen Thien Thuat urban ho chi minh vibes
Street restaurant opens along the Hem alleyway

Despite being ancient and old, young people are drawn to the alleys and the typical “slashes” marks. It seems that going to alleys has gradually become a way for young people to enjoy a peaceful life in the heart of a bustling city.

Alleyway hem saigon things to do
Back of the kitchen in the Hem alleyway Saigon in District 4

The village has fields, banyan trees, and shade; In urban areas, there are alleys, cafes, and children playing. The characteristics of each region are different, but they all share one thing in common: inherent peace.

What to do in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh city 

The space in the alleys is always less noisy and bustling, plus the hundreds of years old houses have made the sound here more peaceful. The alleys are small and narrow, but the trees are lush and sunny. Saigon’s alleys are hidden in another world, separate, soundproof, free of pollution, dust, but very old and very modern.

Hem alleyway distrist 4 saigon ho chi minh
Discover a Hem alleyway in district 8 saigon

The alley is a place to live, as well as a place to meet, exchange, hold parties, and gather during after-hours tea. The alley is also a playground, entertainment… and also a place to set up an indoor grocery store, open a cafe in the garden, place a sugarcane juice cart, a bread stall, and even a basket of sticky rice, carrying tea in alley corners, at the foot of electric poles. Maybe that’s why young people are so passionate, especially about street style.

Night time in an alleyway Xom Chieu market
Night time in an alleyway Xom Chieu market District 4

Most of Saigon’s alleys connect from one street to another, just like the mission it brings: connecting people and places.

Saigon is a city rich in history and culture, with its alleys and iced coffee being some of its most treasured features. While popular coffee chains like The Coffee House, Highlands, and Starbucks are well-known, local names like racquet coffee, sock coffee, and flat coffee are gaining popularity among young people.

An alleyway in Chinatown Cho Lon to lead you to ancient apartment
An alleyway in Chinatown Cho Lon to lead you to ancient apartment

For many Saigon residents, the alleys are an integral part of their childhood memories. These alleys are unique to urban areas and are filled with beautiful memories. They were the places where friends gathered to share bowls of noodles, beef noodles, and broken rice. They were also the places where children played hide and seek, shot marbles, played with toys, and splashed water together during the rainy season.

saigon city what to do hem alleyway
Explore Saigon alleyway in the most busiest street of District 4

However, as the city grows and modernizes, the alleys are gradually losing their old spirit. Young people growing up in the age of the Internet, apartments, high-rise buildings, and large cities hardly get to fully appreciate the culture and alleyways of previous generations of Saigon residents.

Perhaps that is why they tend to seek and experience spaces that they only hear through their parents’ voices, so they have the opportunity to become genuine Saigon residents

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