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Explore the 5 best Sapa rice fields

Sapa emerges in the eyes of travelers as a majestic, picturesque land with unique cultural features. Among them, Sapa rice fields hold a beauty that captivates many. The high fields are

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Ultimate guide to trekking in Sapa

Trekking in Sa Pa has become extremely popular among young people recently. Not only domestic tourists but also international travelers are very fond of this type of tourism. However, without thorough

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When is the best time to visit Sapa

Sapa is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Northern region of Vietnam, known for its cool climate year-round, diverse and rich cultural heritage of ethnic minorities, and especially

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Trekking in Ha Giang –  best places & tips 

Wrapped in the pristine beauty of the mountains and forests, blessed by nature with breathtaking landscapes, Ha Giang is increasingly recognized and chosen by many tourists for trekking in Ha Giang.

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Du Gia – Great place to escape tourist in Ha Giang

Nestled alongside stunning scenic routes, Du Gia emerges with the image of a prosperous village, characterized by its simple and friendly local inhabitants. It has become a popular stopover for many

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The Mysterious Hmong King Palace in Ha Giang

Having endured numerous historical upheavals and the passage of time, the HMong King Palace still retains its ancient beauty and has become an attractive destination for many travelers visiting Ha Giang.

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Top 10 best local minority markets of Ha Giang

Famous landmarks are undoubtedly something you can’t miss when traveling to Ha Giang – the frontier land of the nation. However, for a truly complete journey, don’t forget to explore the

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Legendary Ma Pi Leng Pass – Guide to explore

Legendary Ma Pi Leng Pass – Guide to explore Revered as one of Vietnam’s “four great mountain passes,” the Ma Pi Leng Pass is an enticing landmark in Hà Giang tourism.

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Discover Sung La Valley – Ha Giang travel

Situated along Highway QL4C, between Ha Giang City and Dong Van, Sung La Valley is a scenic gem waiting to be explored. To reach this enchanting destination, travelers must traverse the

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Quan Ba travel guide

Carrying within its picturesque natural beauty along with many famous landmarks, Quan Ba is likened to a miniature “Da Lat” nestled in the heart of Ha Giang. If you have the

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Lung Cu flag tower – the most northen point of North Vietnam

The Lung Cu Flag Tower is a wonderful tourist attraction for visitors to explore when visiting Ha Giang province. It is considered an important symbol of Vietnam’s national border. Therefore, this

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Insider guide to explore Ha Giang loop on motorbike

Is motorbiking through Ha Giang an exciting experience? Absolutely! This is undoubtedly an exhilarating and enticing adventure for young travelers. Motorbiking through Ha Giang allows you to have more control over

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