Nightlife Enjoy Street Food at Phung Hung Market – Cholon Chinatown Saigon

Cholon Phung Hung market things to do
Phung Hung Market in Ho Chi Minh City

Phung Hung Market History 

Are you looking for things to do by night at Cho Lon Saigon? Phung Hung Market is located at the corner of Phung Hung – Lao Tu – Nguyen Trai apartment building, not far from Thu Do Cinema (on old Tong Doc Phuong Street, now Chau Van Liem Street). Therefore, this market is also called Capital market. Phung Hung market is about 2-3 blocks from Kim Bien market or 2 km away from Binh Tay market. 

The market was initially just a group meeting, around the 1930s because it was located next to the new Cho Lon (today’s Binh Tay Market), Soai Kinh Lam fabric market, so goods such as food, fabrics… were often carried by burial carts. (horse-drawn carriage) pulled back to park as a landing area. Since then, there have been groups of markets selling food, drinks and food to buyers and sellers around large markets.”

The market operates continuously from 4 am to 10 pm with 2 separate market sessions. The morning session is the time to buy and sell fresh foods while the afternoon session is the time to enjoy unique Chinese dishes such as Hong Kong rolls at Phung Hung market. Ba Lu Racket Coffee also one of the oldest coffee shop that located in this market. At night, the market only rests for about 3-4 hours and then gets busy setting up umbrellas and arranging goods for the new market session.

How to travel to Phung Hung Market 

Phung Hung Market located in the central area of District 5 or the center of Cholon Chinatown Saigon. Just about 5 km from the central of District 5, you can take a taxi for about 20 minutes trip, book a local tour for in a more adventure way, go for a city cycling to discover Chinatown Saigon at night.

discover phung hung market chinatown cho lon
The distance is 5 km from Ben Thanh market to Phung Hung market

Discover street food at Phung Hung Market 

Phung Hung Market is a culinary paradise where you can try many Chinese special dishes. The food here are especially delicious Chinese dishes such as dumplings at Thu Do market, bitter melon and chili at Phung Hung market. All are delicately prepared with rich flavors. Meanwhile, Western here means simple, rustic Western Mekong Delta food delicacies such as Banh xeo, snails dishes, different kinds of noodle such at bun mam, bun rieu,…

nightlife street food phung hung market chinatown

Located right in front of Nguyen Trai street, at the intersection with Phung Hung street, is the famous Tang bread shop with over 50 years of age. This is a shop owned by a Chinese owner, loved by diners for its bread with “giant” meat-filled meatballs. In addition, the shop also sells pate bread, pork rolls, cotton balls,… quite attractive.

discover street food at phung hung market
Tang bread has a big brand banner right in the corner of Nguyen Trai – Phung Hung street

Stepping inside, diners will widen their eyes at the shops selling typical Chinese dishes such as wontons, bitter melon and chili, rib noodles, wonton leaves, flour cakes and dumplings. There is one super popular restaurant here is the dish at Che Trang bitter melon and chili restaurant. As the name suggests, the shop specializes in selling bitter melon, tomato and chili for about 35,000 VND/portion. The main ingredients of the dish include bitter melon, eggplant, chili, okra, cowpea, tofu,… stuffed with fish cake in the middle, added with meatballs, blood, pork skin and served with sweet, hot broth.

discover cholon chinatown street food phung hung market
The busy kitchen at the most popular restaurent here
phung hung market nightliffe cholon discover street food
Kho qua ca tim prepared according to traditional family secret recipe.
Organ meat Pha Lau
discover phung hung street foood at cholon china town night time
The busy indoor restaurant that serve Kho Qua Ca Ot

“Compared to other food streets, Phung Hung market has higher food prices but in return the quality is commensurate”, people eating here shared.

phung hung market cholon street food at night
Dried Squid and Snails dishes in other side of the market
phung hung market saigon chinatown cho lon
Banh Xeo Phung Hung – the food from Mekong Delta also famous here for many local to come
phung hung market cholon street food things to do
Don’t missed the Chinese herbal tea after trying the food at Phung Hung market

Let’s Wrap It Up! 

Ho Chi Minh City is brimming with unusual and exciting activities for those willing to venture beyond the typical tourist spots. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, these activities are sure to enrich your stay in Ho Chi Minh City. Check out our latest list and tip for things to do in Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon Vietnam for other awesome activities to do.

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