Group cycling in Ho Chi Minh city with group of friends

Study have shown that even when your group is only two-strong, the second rider can benefit from drag reductions of anywhere between 25% and 50% depending on things like the comparative sizes of the riders, the exact position of the riders in relation to one another, wind direction and speed, etc. Positioning and size are all just as important in larger groups (you don’t want to be last wheel) and you can find a more consistent reduction of around 44% if you are suitably placed mid-pack. Of course, it’s always worth remembering that the larger the group, the fewer turns you’ll be required to take in the wind at the front – at least assuming everyone is at roughly the same level and can sustain pack riding.

Cycling with group ho chi minh city cyling
The group gather and we are ready for the ride with the pre-ride briefing

Tailor request for a Ho Chi Minh city cycling 6 hours ride

Terence and his childhood companions partaked in our extended 6-hour cycling adventure from the urban center to the last countryside of Ho Chi Minh City of Jackfruit Adventure. 🚴‍♂️ 🌴

Ho Chi Minh group city cycling tour
We are ready to head out and have fun on the bikes

Perfect way for friend bonding time by joining a Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour.

Previously, our cycling excursions were limited to shorter durations of 3 to 4 hours until Terence expressed interest in a longer journey, prompting us to rise to the challenge and officially introduce the 6-hour cycling option.

With this longer cycling tour option, the total distance will be 40 km so we encourage medium level skill of driving the bikes and as your physical driving skills.

Top reasons why you should do a group cycling tour with friend – Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour

Boosted Motivation As spring’s unpredictable weather sets in, committing to a cycling schedule with friends can help you conquer the hesitation of a rainy morning. It’s tempting to stay in bed when the rain taps on your window, but the thought of letting your friends down can be the perfect push to establish a consistent cycling habit.
Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour
We stopped at the Xom Chieu market for quick stop and learn stories about this place
Exploration Awaits Cycling with companions not only enriches your experiences but also opens doors to new discoveries. Whether it’s uncharted paths near your home or adventures beyond urban confines, a shared zest for exploration will lead you to uncover more hidden gems.
group cycling ho chi minh city tour
Crossing bridge always a fun part to do in the city where you can get the best view along the ride


Expand Your Horizons Group rides inspire you to go the extra mile—literally. The camaraderie of a cycling group empowers you to extend your boundaries and access locales that might seem out of reach solo. The safety of numbers and the collective drive can sustain your energy and broaden your exploration.
ho chi minh city cyling
Ride along Tran Hung Dao street – the main and oldest street of the city
Solidarity in Motion Riding with friends means merging aspirations and bolstering each other through thick and thin. On days when you’re not at your best, the group’s solidarity can propel you forward, ensuring no one is left behind.
ho chi minh city cyling
Our guide leader and support always make sure you are in a good care along the way
Eco-Friendly Endeavors In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, group cycling stands as a formidable answer to climate change. Pedaling pollution-free, you and your friends make a tangible difference, substituting fuel consumption with clean energy and collectively diminishing your ecological footprint.
ho chi minh city cycling tour
Under the bridge

If you have the bicycles and want to enjoy a trip with friends on your way, check it our our top recommend places to ride bicycles in Ho Chi Minh city and you can decide it.

Ho Chi Minh City Cycling Tour In Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – Vietnam

At Jackfruit Adventure, we organize Ho Chi Minh city Cycling Tour and Team Building Ho Chi Minh. With a deep knowledge of Saigon city and local connections, we believe can give you an awesome bonding time together. Contact us today if you have any requests or question to prepare a trip for your team to bonding in Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam.

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