Tiem Com Chuyen Ky – Saigon Street Food 

Tiem Com Chuyen Ky – Saigon Street Food 

Are you looking for a special traditional Chinese Food ? Don’t need to to Chinatown. We have here right at District 1 ready for you

saigon street food

Chuyen Ky restaurant. Saigon Street Food Discovery ( vietnam bike tour )


Where to eat Saigon Street Food tour in District 1?

Address: 67 Ton That Dam, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 11:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 21:00

Close by Old Market Saigon, Chuyen Ky Saigon rice noodle shop was opened in 1948, so far 73 years have passed but the traditional taste is still intact, nowhere else can be.

Rice bowl is a familiar dish of Cantonese people. Chuyen Ky is one of the rare bowls of rice in Saigon that retains the traditional flavor of Chinese dishes. The shop was opened in 1948, currently inherited by Mrs. My My and Thuy Thuy.

The restaurant is decorated like a normal house, very rustic. Outside there is a signboard “Specialist Rice Shop” painted with paint, bearing the nostalgia of Saigon in the 75s. The shop is not very big, only 5-6 stainless steel tables and plastic chairs. The wall is covered with small blue tiles. It is known that this wall has existed since 1970 and is still preserved until now.

In particular, the restaurant still uses rice bowls produced in the oven, including Binh Duong, decades ago. Up to now, this type of bowl is no longer sold, so this old set of tools has become a unique feature of Chuyen Ky.

The rice cooks on a special cooking pot ( vietnam bike tour )


The best-selling dishes here are chicken, beef, and sausage rice bowls with white rice at the bottom, filled with meat marinated according to their own recipe. The shop also serves additional side dishes, made from chicken, beef, shrimp, fish, crab, squid, sausage, pork kidney… with many different ways of processing. Price from 60,000 – 180,000vnd ( 3 – 7 usd ) portion for 2-3 people to eat. Most dishes are made fresh as soon as guests order, especially stews will be prepared in advance and reheated when requested by guests.

Visit Saigon and try the best street food tour in town 

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