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Jackfruit Adventure’s team has created an authentic and inspired adventure for you to discover the beautiful and hidden part of Vietnam. Through our well-tailored Vietnam Cycling tours, we want you to enjoy and have a good time during your traveling time here. Ready to start your Vietnam cycling tours today!

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2. Community driven
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Vietnam Cycling Tours

Having a good time with Jackfruit on your Vietnam Cycling Tours

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You can choose to follow the tourist route in a city to discover popular tourist spots. Or if gnarly challenges are what gets your blood pumping, then head on Vietnam Cycling Tours with Jackfruit to discover Saigon’s urban life and other cities in Southern Vietnam.

The passion team at Jackfruit always to keep experimenting and try new tour itinerary so that you can enjoy Vietnam Cycling Tours the most

Bicycle Tour in vietnam with Jackfruit

Saigon - Vietnam Adventure Cycling Tours

5-hour Bicycle Adventure

We have created the most amazing experiences to explore Saigon for you by bikes

39 USD

Vietnam Cycling Tours Adventure

Are you planning for your Vietnam Cycling tours? We are here at Jackfruit do our best to support for your bike tour in Vietnam Planning.

Join a Vietnam Cycling tours with Jackfruit not only a trip to explore Vietnam but also to explore yourself


Discover the satisfaction of Vietnam bike tour through a breathtaking busy city, where you can hear the sounds of the motorbikes, street food vendors and the smell of fish sauces

A Vietnam Cycling Tours with Jackfruit is a movement to create happiness through our Social Responsiblity mission


Our Vietnam  cycling tours is a fun and convenient way to cycle and explore the stunning local places of Saigon by bike that you can feel every movement of the rides. Check our Social Responsibility

Alternative Saigon adventures

Saigon urban bike tour is not only an ideal way to beat the heat in this extremely vibrant city. It is the ONLY way to access the heart of an incredibly diverse metropolis whose many quaint neighborhoods remain inaccessible by car to this day. However, we understand that not everyone can be able to ride a bike. We have tailored a more relaxing way to explore all of these places simply by combining WALKING + BUS TRANSFER for 5 hours of exploring Saigon. 

Cycle tour in Vietnam with Jackfruit

Saigon Urban cycing tour

5-hour Bicycle/Boat Tour

We have created the most amazing experiences to explore Saigon for you by bikes



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