Tips to visit Quang Ba Flower market Hanoi

Quang Ba flower market is one of the liveliest night markets in the capital city. Unlike the quiet atmosphere typical of Hanoi while people are immersed in deep sleep, the flower market remains bustling with activity. In this article, let’s explore more interesting information about this place.

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Introduction to Quang Ba Flower Market

For Hanoians, the flower market has long been an indispensable part of their lives. It is not only a place for business and trade but also a venue preserving traditional beauty.

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Quang Ba Flower Market is located at 236 Au Co Street, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi. It is the largest night flower market in the capital, opening from late evening until nearly dawn. Visitors can admire hundreds of different types of flowers here. Especially during holidays and festivals, Quang Ba Flower Market becomes even more bustling than usual. Buying flowers at Quang Ba has become a cultural tradition deeply ingrained in the lives of Hanoians.

Where is Quang Ba Flower Market Located?

quang ba flower market

Quang Ba Flower Market is situated at 236 Au Co Street, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi. The market trades various fresh flowers sourced from well-known areas such as Dong Anh, Gia Lam, Tay Tuu, Da Lat, and operates from 11:00 PM until 5:00 AM the next morning. In recent years, Quang Ba Flower Market has not only been a popular destination for locals but also an attractive tourist spot for many visitors to explore.

When is the Best Time to Visit Hanoi and Quang Ba Flower Market?

For tourists wishing to explore Hanoi, the two most beautiful seasons are spring (from March to April) and autumn (from August to November). During spring, the weather is warm, and the landscape is adorned with blooming flowers. Meanwhile, autumn features clear skies, cool breezes, and a romantic ambiance, making it perfect for travel.


As for Quang Ba Flower Market, visitors can come at any time of the year. The market usually opens from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM, and during holidays like Tet (Lunar New Year), it may start even earlier. From the 15th day of the 12th lunar month until the end of the 30th day of Tet, Quang Ba Flower Market is bustling day and night.

How to Get to Quang Ba Flower Market?

To reach Quang Ba Flower Market, you have various transportation options for your convenience:

If traveling by motorbike, find a nearby parking lot close to the market. However, inquire about the parking fees beforehand and be cautious with your personal belongings to avoid risks. Alternatively, you can use ride-hailing apps if you’re unfamiliar with the route.

Additionally, you can take public buses to reach the flower market. Some bus routes passing by include Route 31, Route 55A, Route 41, Route 55B, and Route 58.

What’s Special about Quang Ba Flower Market?

You should note that Quang Ba Flower Market opens from 11:00 PM until 5:00 AM the next morning, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly. When you come to Quang Ba Flower Market, you’ll have the opportunity to experience many interesting things, such as:

Admire Dozens of Fresh and Colorful Flowers:

As the largest night flower market in Hanoi, Quang Ba Flower Market boasts a wide variety of beautiful flowers, including chrysanthemums, roses, daisies, money plants, salvia, Dendrobium orchids, tulips, willow catkins, and more. Flowers at the market are sourced from well-known areas such as Da Lat, Vinh Phuc, and Hanoi. You’ll be amazed by the vibrant colors of the dozens of beautiful flowers here.

Experience the Night Atmosphere of Hanoi’s Flower Market:

Visiting Quang Ba Flower Market not only allows you to admire various beautiful flowers but also gives you a taste of Hanoi’s nightlife. In contrast to the quiet scenes at many places, the later it gets, the busier and more bustling Quang Ba Flower Market becomes. People come to the market at this time may be flower vendors, street vendors, or simply tourists or flower buyers. All contribute to creating a colorful picture of vibrant nighttime life.

Check-in with Vibrant Flowers:

For those who love taking photos or checking in, don’t miss the chance to capture photos with the beautiful flowers at Quang Ba Flower Market. You can stroll around the market, choose beautiful corners, but remember to ask for permission from the stall owners first. After getting their consent, you can freely take photos to your heart’s content.

What to Note When Visiting Quang Ba Flower Market?

Here are some additional tips for visiting Quang Ba Flower Market:

  • Due to poor lighting at the night market, it’s advisable to bring a small flashlight for better observation of the flowers.
  • The busiest time at Quang Ba Flower Market is around 2-3 AM, when all the flower vendors have gathered at the market. This is the best time to experience the vibrant atmosphere.
  • When buying flowers, pay attention to whether the stems are tightly holding the flowers, and gently shake them to see if any petals fall off.
  • Take photos quickly to avoid disrupting the vendors’ business.
  • Be sure to negotiate the price carefully before purchasing any flowers.

Conclusionho chi minh city cyling tour

Quang Ba Flower Market is a fascinating beauty amidst the heart of the capital as night falls. In your upcoming journey, if you wish to add more exciting experiences after visiting Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Quang Ba Flower Market is a destination worth considering. Make sure to jot down this name in your travel handbook to ensure you don’t miss out on these exciting experiences! And when you are traveling in Ho Chi Minh city later, make sure take a ho chi minh city cyling trip with us 

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