The Mysterious Hmong King Palace in Ha Giang

Having endured numerous historical upheavals and the passage of time, the HMong King Palace still retains its ancient beauty and has become an attractive destination for many travelers visiting Ha Giang. Let’s explore this fascinating location through the following article!

Introduce HMong King Palace 

1.1. Where is HMong King Palace located?

HMong King Palace, also known as the H’mong Royal Palace or the Palace of the Vuong Family, is nestled in the Sa Phin Valley, Sa Phin Commune, Dong Van District. The palace is built on a raised piece of land covering nearly 3000 square meters, surrounded by a crescent-shaped range of mountains.

hmong king hagiang

The owner of the palace was the H’mong King, named Vuong Chinh Duc, who was revered by the H’mong people as the leader of the Deer Horn Party, which fought against the Chinese Black Flag Army.

1.2. Formation history

The construction of HMong King Palace commenced in 1898. By 1907, after nearly 9 years of construction, the palace was completed and became one of the most prominent architectural landmarks of the early 20th century. The total cost to build the palace was estimated to be around 15,000 silver dong, equivalent to 150 billion VND today.

hmong king hagiang

1.3. Unique architecture

Thanks to its unique architecture, combining mystery and antiquity, blending various styles, HMong King Palace has attracted many visitors. The entire palace is designed with 6 longitudinal houses, 4 transverse houses, divided into 3 sections: Front, Middle, and Rear. The palace has up to 64 different rooms, accommodating up to 100 people. The overall structure of the palace is likened to a sturdy fortress, with even a bunker to store weapons and assets at that time.

Entering the main house area, visitors will admire the royal decree bestowed upon HMong King by King Khai Dinh. All the carved decorations in the main house area bear many characteristics of the plum blossom.

HMong King Palace stands out with the beauty of its green stone walls combined with tile roofs made from clay and pine wood. Surrounding the palace are centuries-old pine trees. Passing through the stone gate, visitors will marvel at the meticulously carved granite stones.

hmong king place hagiang

Despite more than a century passing, the interior of HMong King Palace remains intact. In addition to the architectural styles of China and the H’mong people, the palace also features many Western-style items, particularly French, such as glass-paneled windows, and a bathtub made of goat milk stone.

The surrounding areas of the palace are paved with prominent granite stones, connected by iron flower frames, reflecting the distinct architectural style of the French.

2. Transportation and ways to get to Hmong King Palace

If you don’t have a personal vehicle or are concerned about the difficulties on the way to Ha Giang, you can choose to buy bus tickets, including sleeper buses, on the Hanoi – Ha Giang route, departing from My Dinh Bus Station. After about 6-7 hours, you will arrive in Ha Giang and begin your journey.

If you prefer to be more proactive and enjoy the experience, you can travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang by rental private car or motorbike. The Hanoi – Ha Giang route is approximately 320km long and takes about 7-8 hours to travel. Below are two routes you can choose from for your self-driving journey to Ha Giang:

To travel to Hmong King Palace, you can start from the center of Ha Giang city and head to Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate, Yen Minh pine forest by motorbike. This is a popular means of transportation chosen by many tourists to reach the palace. Prices range from 150,000 to 200,000 VND per day.

In addition to traveling by motorbike, you can also reach the palace by 16-seater or 19-seater buses, or taxis from the city to the palace.

Another option is cycling for tourists not staying too far from the palace. During your bike ride, you can actively move around and stop to explore and check-in at interesting locations along the way to the palace.

3. Accommodation options around HMong King Palace

When visiting HMong King Palace, tourists can choose to stay at hotels, guesthouses, or homestays located in Dong Van town. 

Typically, the prices of accommodations near the palace range from a few hundred thousand to several million VND, depending on the time and duration of your stay.

Here are some accommodation options for your reference:

Bui Homestay 

  • Address: Welcome Gate Dong Van, Unity Area, Dong Van Town, 
  • phone number: 0968 890 690, 
  • Price from 3500.000 VND to 500.000 VND per night (approximately $15 to $22)

Plum Homestay 

  • Address: Dong Van, Ha Giang
  • Phone Number: 1900 252 209
  • Price: 300,000 VND per night (Approximately $13.20 USD per night)

Đong Van CliffSide House

  • Address: Road to Don Cao, Dong Van Town, Ha Giang
  • Phone Number: 1900 252 209
  • Price: From 300,000 VND to 2,000,000 VND per night (From $13 to $87 per night)

4. Tourist attractions near HMong King Palace 

To make your journey complete when visiting HMong King Palace, you can also explore some other nearby destinations:

  • Sa Phin Market

Sa Phin Market, located opposite the palace, is bustling and lively. Here, tourists can experience and enjoy many local specialties such as “cháo ấu tẩu” (a kind of porridge), triangular buckwheat cakes, corn wine, and purchase various souvenirs for family and friends.

  • Dong Van karst plateau

As a destination with many traces of history, the Dong Van Karst Plateau helps tourists better understand the culture and customs of the local people. Moreover, the plateau is covered by limestone mountains, making it an ideal check-in spot for many travelers, especially in spring when the limestone blocks are adorned with vibrant yellow mustard flowers and white plum blossoms.

  • Yen Minh Pine forest

Located on the way to the palace, Yen Minh Pine Forest boasts a peaceful and poetic scenery, resembling the maidens of the mountains. The pine forest stretches along winding roads for tens of kilometers, offering visitors an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, from Yen Minh Pine Forest, tourists can overlook the Hmong villages.

  • Buckwheat flower fields

Next to HMong King Palace is an extensive buckwheat flower field. Around October, this place becomes a vivid and picturesque natural landscape, allowing you to indulge in photography and capture the essence of Ha Giang.

5. Are you ready for the adventure in to visit Hmong King Place

Not only does Ha Giang captivate tourists with its pristine beauty of nature and mountains, but it also mesmerizes them with unique architectural structures, among which HMong King Palace stands out. Visiting and experiencing HMong King Palace, you will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural characteristics of the people in the northernmost region of our homeland. 

At Ho Chi Minh city, to explore the authentic ho chi minh on bicycle tour, why not join a trip with us.

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