Thanh Da truly hidden gem of Saigon

Thanh Da truly hidden gem of Saigon


In the midst of a busy Saigon with the flow of people and motorbikes, dust and highways is something special that you probably won’t often see in your hometown.

But did you know that in Saigon there is still a peaceful place with green coconut trees, lakes running along the road, where you will always find peace and breathe the fresh air here.

A bicycle tour to discover Thanh Da is a great experience here, isn’t it?

countryside saigon

As soon as you enter to Thanh Da central area, you can easy spot this sign 

How to get to Thanh Da from District 1

explore countryside saigon ho chi minh

There is only 7.5 km away from center District to Thanh Da island.


You can easy to book a taxi, we recommend to book a grab car  ( 150.000 vnd or 7 usd ) 


Or you can ride a bicycle from center area , it may takes 20 minutes only 


What to do in Thanh Da island 

A fun ride with Jackfruiter – vietnam cycling tour 

At here there are many old apartment has been build before 1975 ( ending Vietnam War year ) still stay until with a good condition and make a really colorful area vietnam cycling tour 

what to do in thanh da island

Daily life of local at Thanh Da vietnam cycling tour 


A tiny ping pong sport center when local man concentrate and play in early morning and afternoon 


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