Good barber in District 1: Street haircut

Street Haircuts in Ho Chi Minh City

Where do you usually go for a haircut? A barber shop or a hair salon?

Personally, I prefer the unique experience of a street-side haircut, locally known as “Street Haircut”

street haircut ho chi minh things to do

street haircut ho chi minh things to do
The street haircut is not unique to Ho Chi Minh City, but for centuries, the streets of Saigon have been filled with these lone businessmen, servicing the community whilst fighting the heat, weather, and evolution of the city to stay in business and make a living.
street haircut ho chi minh
They operate as a cornerstone of the local community and they are at the very heart of what Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam are about, the people and the community.

best barbershop in district 1 ho chi minh

Nestled among the bustling streets of Chu Manh Trinh, Ton Duc Thang, and Nguyen Binh Khiem in Ben Nghe ward (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City), street-side barbers once thrived. Sheltered by ancient trees, centuries old, these open-air barbershops offer a serene escape. Here, one can gaze into a mirror, feel the gentle breeze, and connect with the tranquility of nature. Street haircuts have long been a cherished cultural tradition in this region.

Best Barbershop In Town – Ho Chi Minh City

street haircut things to do hcm vietnam
If you don’t try this service at least once in your life, you will be missing out on a window to the past and a moment in time that will be forever remembered.

For many Ho Chi Minh locals, particularly the older generation, street haircuts offer a refreshingly simple alternative. Unlike the air-conditioned salons with their myriad of styles and soothing music, a street barber’s setup is modest: an armchair, a sheer cloth, a basic mirror, and a small space, often beneath an aged tree or a weathered awning, is all that’s needed.

street haircut ho chi minh
The street haircut is a lingering part of the past culture when all they had was each other. And today, their numbers might be reducing but the feeling is just as strong.

Immersing oneself in nature, even in a humble spot by the roadside, can be surprisingly calming. It’s a momentary departure from life’s frenetic pace, shedding worries as easily as clipped hair, emerging rejuvenated. It’s a chance to reset and continue life’s journey anew.

History Of Street Haircut Ho Chi Minh City

The pleasure derived from these street-side haircuts extends beyond a mere style refresh. It’s about community and conversation, discussing everything from current events to the minutiae of daily life. The experience is enlivened by the sounds of nature, the rhythm of the city, and the cool breeze. As Mr. Trung, a 60-year-old patron, fondly notes, “A haircut here offers more than just grooming; it’s about savoring the outdoor ambiance, engaging in lively discussions, and enjoying the nostalgia of a cassette player.”

street haircut saigon vietnam
Mr Trung visits street haircut place here one a month and it’s one his favorite hobbie being here and catch up life stories with the barber or special friend.

In the 1990s, street barbering was a popular and respected craft. “Back then, the size of your establishment didn’t matter; skill and customer service were all you needed to earn a living,” reminisces Mr. Diep, a 55-year-old barber. While not as prevalent today, those who appreciate a straightforward cut continue to patronize these sidewalk stylists.

Local Stories Of Street Haircut Ho Chi Minh City

Interestingly, few street barbers have considered changing professions or moving to more upscale locations. Their craft holds a special place in the hearts of their clientele. Once a customer finds a barber they trust, they tend to return to that familiar touch. Thus, even those who can afford more luxurious salons still opt for the simplicity of a sidewalk “salon”. “My customers have been with me for years; I know each person’s style and preferences,” muses Mr. Diep. “When they arrive, I simply cut their hair, no questions asked. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

street haircut hcm
Mr Diep one the local barbershop has dedicated his life to work as a street barber haircut

Cultural and social shifts have led to a decline in those choosing the path of the sidewalk barber. Today, most who remain are of middle age or older, driven by a passion that keeps them from laying down their scissors. Despite the ever-changing landscape of modern life, the enduring values and simple charm of this traditional practice continue to resonate quietly in the background. Relaxing weekend with a trip to do Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour and get a street haircut.

ho chi minh street haircut place

Our tip for you to get the best experiences for the street haircut that is spending time to learn some popular Vietnamese sentence to speak with the local barber:

  • Tôi muốn cắt tóc – I want a haircut
  • Bao nhiêu tiền – How much 
  • Ông tên gì? – What is your name? 
  • Tôi tên là – My name is + [Name]

There will be more to say with the barber of course if you want to have a longer conversation with him but of course, make sure you practice well in advance.

Ho Chi Minh group city cycling tour
We are ready to head out and have fun on the bikes

After a good hair cut, you will definitely fell super fresh so why not join a trip and back to the bicycle to explore Ho Chi Minh city bike tour with us.

Ho Chi Minh City Cycling Tour In Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – Vietnam

At Jackfruit Adventure, we organize Ho Chi Minh City Cycling Tour and Team Building Ho Chi Minh. With a deep knowledge of Saigon city and local connections, we believe can give you an awesome bonding time together. Contact us today if you have any requests or question to prepare a trip for your team to bonding in Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam.

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