Du Gia – Great place to escape tourist in Ha Giang

Nestled alongside stunning scenic routes, Du Gia emerges with the image of a prosperous village, characterized by its simple and friendly local inhabitants. It has become a popular stopover for many travelers visiting Ha Giang, the land at the forefront of the country.

Introduction to Du Gia

With its serene natural beauty and rustic charm, Du Gia stands out as a small village nestled amidst the mountains and hills. Its simplicity and untouched landscapes create a unique beauty that is unparalleled.

1. Location of Du Gia

Du Gia in Ha Giang is a small village tucked amidst the mountains and rivers, located about 70km from Ha Giang city. It’s known for its natural beauty, with tall mountains and clear rivers where Tay and H’mong people live. While it’s not yet very popular among tourists, especially younger ones, Du Gia is gaining attention for its stunning landscapes and welcoming locals.

du gia ha giang

Du Gia, Ha Giang is famous for its untouched natural scenery, including mountains and rivers that create a peaceful atmosphere. It’s becoming a favorite spot for young travelers to explore. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of nature, meet friendly locals, and learn about their unique culture and traditions.

2. Ideal time to Visit Du Gia

Each season paints Ha Giang with its own unique beauty. However, the period from October to June of the following year is considered the ideal time to visit Du Gia in Ha Giang. October and November witness the vibrant bloom of triangular flower fields, providing picturesque backgrounds for memorable photos.

du gia ha giang travel

From June to September, the weather tends to be gloomy with frequent rainfall, which may disrupt travel plans..

3. Directions to Du Gia

Nestled amidst the Yen Minh forest, reaching Du Gia is possible by using a personal vehicle or hiring a local to ride a motorbike. Along the route from Meo Vac, traveling towards Yen Minh for about 80km, you’ll traverse winding roads nestled along the mountainside, offering fascinating experiences.

du gia ha giang


For those less confident in their driving skills, reaching Du Gia via National Highway 4C, then transitioning to DT181 after Mau Due, is a safer and easier option. This route may be slightly longer but is more secure and accessible. Particularly during the rice blossom season, the journey to Du Gia becomes even more enchanting and majestic.

Exploring Du Gia Ha Giang – The fairyland smidst northwest mountains

1. Phong Luu Love Market – Du Gia

Join the Phong Luu Love Market in Du Gia to experience the traditional culture of the Yen Minh people. The love market is not only a place for rendezvous and courtship between young men and women but also a meeting point for lovers who cannot be together.

The market also features various activities such as cultural performances, sports, showcasing local goods, and agricultural products for you to buy as gifts for friends and family.

2. Fishing at Du Gia Stream

Besides bathing in the stream and immersing yourself in the cool water, you can also experience fishing at Du Gia Stream. Amidst the majestic natural scenery, enjoying leisure time and catching stream fish with friends will bring a refreshing experience.

du gia ha giang travel

3. Peacefulness at Du Gia Homestay

Simple yet tranquil, Du Gia Homestay offers visitors a sense of peace and serenity. You will participate in daily activities with locals, relax, and enjoy authentic local dishes, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.

4. Taste all local Specialties Here

Du Gia not only boasts pristine natural beauty but also attracts visitors with its delicious local cuisine, rich in Northwest flavors. Don’t miss out on specialties such as stream fish, village chicken, Thang Den (a traditional dish), buffalo cooked on the stove, Aau Tau porridge, and pig carried under the armpit when visiting Du Gia and Ha Giang.

5. Take a walk around the Village

Taking a walk around the village is an essential experience when visiting Du Gia. The villages of the Tay, Hmong, Dao people reveal their simplicity, rustic charm, and tranquility amidst the valleys. With a total area of ​​only about 67km, in the early morning or late afternoon, you can stroll around, breathe in the fresh air, and admire the village in the mist.

6. Swim at Tham Luong Waterfall – Du Gia

ha giang what to do

When in Du Gia, take the opportunity to swim at Tham Luong Waterfall. The cool, flowing water creates clear ponds amidst the greenery of the forest and mountains. The serene feeling that nature brings here will surely make your visit to Du Gia unforgettable.

Where to stay when visiting Du Gia

When visiting Du Gia, you can stay at the small homestays run by locals with extremely affordable prices, ranging from 100,000 to 250,000 VND per night. Here are some homestays and hotels you can consider:

Du Gia Village in Yen Minh

  • Phone number: 1900 252 209
  • Address: 195B, Coc Pang Village, Du Gia Commune, Yen Minh, Ha Giang
  • Average room price: $15 – $19

Tom’s Du Gia Homestay

  • Phone number: 1900 252 209
  • Address: Lac Village, Du Gia, Yen Minh, Ha Giang
  • Average room price: $13 – $19

Du Gia Panorama: 

  • Phone number: 1900 252 209
  • Address: Village A, Du Gia, Yen Minh, Ha Giang
  • Average room price: $17 – $19 per person per night

How do get Du Gia?

There is no way to come directly from Hanoi to Du Gia without private vehicle. Du Gia is about 75 kilometers from Ha Giang, If you want to travel to Du Gia from Hanoi there are some options after an overnight bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang 7 hours:

  • About 3.5 hours by the local bus from the bus station in Ha Giang city. How the bus is? Really local experience, basic 29 seasts bus with no A/C, open window. It should be quite tired with many passes and bumpy road and you cannot have the full view of the scene which is limited by the window of the bus.
  • Taxi or rent a car? It is expensive and you can still not enjoy the full view and the real feel of being at the place.
  • Get a bus to Ha Giang city and rent a motorcycle and ride it yourself to Du Gia. It should be good option for locals or experts in motorcycle but not ordinary tourist. Why? The road is dangerous for someone who do not get used to drive motorcycle and it is not allowed by Vietnamese law without an international license.
  • You can also book a tour with an easy rider. It should be the best option, you are free to enjoy the scenery. It is safe and it is very meaningful to support the locals here.

Are you ready for the adventure to visit Du Gia?

After days of exhaustion from work, worries, and busyness, treat yourself to a trip to Du Gia to experience moments of peace, relaxation, and tranquility. Immersing yourself in nature, experiencing the flavors of the mountains, and the land of the far North of the country will add more colors and meaning to your youth. If you plan head to the South of Vietnam, taking a bike trip Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour would be a great choice for things to do in here. 


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