Discover Thanh Da countryside Ho Chi Minh with Arohi

Thanh Da countryside cycling in Ho Chi Minh city 

Thanh da city cycling tour

In the midst of a busy Saigon with the flow of people and motorbikes, dust and highways is something special that you probably won’t often see in your hometown.

But did you know that in Saigon there is still a peaceful place with green coconut trees, lakes running along the road, where you will always find peace and breathe the fresh air here.

thanh da city countryside cycling tour
Arohi company team is ready for the ride to explore the island life Thanh Da people

thanh da city cycling ho chi minh

A bicycle tour to discover Thanh Da is a great experience here, isn’t it?

And last week Jackfruit Adventure to host a countryside cycling adventure Ho Chi Minh cycling tour for Arohi company from Singapore 

There is only 7.5 km away from center District to Thanh Da island.

map district 1 to thanh da
20 minutes traveling from central Ho Chi Minh city – Ben Thanh market

You can easy to book a taxi, we recommend booking a grab car  ( 150.000 vnd or 7 usd ) 

Or you can ride a bicycle from the center area, it may take 40 minutes only 

How big is Thanh Da – Binh Quoi 

Technically, Thanh Da is a peninsula of land around which the Saigon River does a giant loop. The peninsula runs roughly east-west, and across the river to its north is the area of Thu Duc, while Thao Dien in District 2 lies to the south. Access to the island is via one bridge from District 1. On the District 1 side of the bridge, the four-lane road is lined with shops, offices, and high-rise buildings. Cross the bridge and the road rapidly narrows to the two-laned Binh Quoi Road, which is more reminiscent of rural parts of Vietnam than of a vast metropolis.

Thanh Da island off-the-beaten-path Saigon

On the island, you’ll find several multi-story apartment blocks closest to the District 1 end, but the rest of Thanh Da is populated with low-level dwellings, official buildings, and shops. Most of the interlaced network of roads and paths were not even marked on any map I could get my hands on. The island is dotted with rice paddies, market gardens, and fishing ponds, and during a walk around the roads, you’re likely to encounter geese, chickens, and pigs just wandering about. It’s a big contrast to District 1, which is just a relatively short taxi ride away.

What to do in Thanh Da – Ho Chi Minh countryside

thanh da countryside cycling ho chi minh
The very best way to get around Thanh Da Binh Quoi island is by bicycle, which provides easy access to the city, the ancient ruins, and the rural surroundings.
Thanh Da countryside discovery ho chi minh city
Going on farming roads along canals passing local villages. The experienced guide will give you lots of information on farming life and the ride ends with choosing the right spot for sunset.
Interact with local thanh da city cycling
Interact with local and play traditional game thanh da island


thanh da city countryside ho chi minh cycling tour
Tourists on the bike trip and explore Binh Quoi rural area
thanh da city countryside cycling tour ho chi minh
Fun time on bike


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