Discover Nam Cat Tien with XTB company team in Vietnam

At the last days of 2023 Jackfruit Adventure had chanced to host team building at Nam Cat Tien for XTB group in Vietnam 

The beautiful nature of Nam Cat Tien 

Nam Cat Tien team building nature

Nam Cat Tien is a sub-equatorial tropical forest that spans over 6 provinces in Vietnam: Tan Phu, Cat Tien, Bao Loc (Lam Dong), Vinh Cuu (Dong Nai), and Bu Dang (Binh Phuoc). It is considered one of the most important biosphere reserves in the world, with an area of more than 70,000 hectare.

Cycling in Nam Cat Tien forest is one the best way to explore the national park. With fresh air and fresh wind, you will have great time on bikes.

cycling in nam cat tien national forest

This forest is characterized by a tropical wet climate and is home to many rare ancient tree varieties and a diverse and rich flora and fauna system. It is the only place in the world where you can find many types of trees that only grow in forests. 

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Nam Cat Tien is home to a rich, diverse, and extremely rare flora and fauna system. Visitors can choose to walk and learn about the unique vegetation of Nam Cat Tien.

explore nam cat tien national park with team

The forest is home to more than 300 precious wood species, many of which are endemic to the Southeast region. In the middle of the dense primeval forest, visitors can wade through cool streams or follow supple rattan strings to reach places with precious trees. Deep in the forest, there is a giant pine tree that is up to 400 years old with roots as tall and long as a solid wall, enough for dozens of people to lean on

Discover Bau Sau 

Bau Sau is a must-visit destination in Nam Cat Tien. Our group regretted not having enough time to explore this place. To get to Bau Sau, you can rent a jeep, bicycle, or motorbike and explore on your own for a distance of about 10 km. Alternatively, you can take a pre-designed tour with the guidance of a local tour guide.

team lunch at Bau Sau - Nam Cat Tien

Visit Talai Longhouse and support for community tourism 


Ta Lai tourist area is another popular attraction in Nam Cat Tien. Here, you can learn and experience the daily life of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. You will enjoy the sounds of the great forest, relish rustic meals with rich mountain and forest qualities, and witness firsthand the skillful hands of artisans weaving earthen cloths. The area is also home to beautiful and sharp cam.

Ka Nga, one of the staff at Ta Lai longhouse is sharing with the guests about the story of Ma Tribe people and story of Ta Lai longhouse to visitor. Ka Nga is also one the girl that has been supported by Ta Lai longhouse project to cover her tuition fee for her university and now she is a important member of Ta Lai team.

visit Ta Lai longhouse Nam cat tien team building

To prepare for your trip to explore Nam Cat Tien forest, it is important to bring only necessary items to avoid being weighed down. A backpack would be a convenient option to carry your essentials. When visiting the forest, wear long pants and long socks to limit insect bites and scratches from surrounding trees. Choose a t-shirt that has good sweat absorption and evaporation, and use bright colors for easy recognition and beautiful images. Prioritize sports shoes with good grip and anti-slip when visiting the forest. Additionally, bring a water bottle to avoid losing strength due to thirsty

Kajaking in Talai Longhouse were a highlight of the first day 

Kajaking at Talai longhouse nam cat tien team buiding

kayak talai nam cat tien team building

When you think of safaris your first thought is probably the open plains of Africa, lion and cheetah after the prey animals; elephant and giraffe and in the rivers and lakes, crocodile and hippo. These places have been brought to the screen by talented cameramen with boundless patience. In India, it is the tiger that tourists hope to see, and perhaps the elusive leopard. These two cats are becoming increasingly rare, especially the severely endanger tiger. Both still survive in very small numbers and although they are rarely seen, there may always be a chance. National Parks are hopefully the saviour of wildlife that suffers from poaching and loss of habitat. While tourists in Vietnam do not really go for the wildlife, many go for the great natural environment and if they see fauna that is an added bonus.
nam cat tien national park team building vietnam
deer night safari life nam cat tien national park

Some of the last moment we share to support at The Ma Village kids

csr nam cat tien team building


That’s a wrap for our trip with XTB group in Nam Cat Tien, if you are looking for an team building Vietnam trip just share with us your request and we tailor the best experiences for you 

Wish to travel on your way. Check out tip of Ultimate Guide to visit Nam Cat Tien National Park

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