Beautiful cycling day with The Hive – Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour

This past weekend, Jackfruit Adventure organized an exclusive cycling adventure for The Hive Ho Chi Minh’s team members, offering a unique glimpse into the lesser-known quarters of Ho Chi Minh City through a city cycling tour.
For those unfamiliar with The Hive, it encompasses two elegantly crafted workspaces nestled in the vibrant neighborhoods of Thao Dien and District 1. The Hive stands as a beacon for fostering connections and nurturing innovative ideas. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and visionaries seeking a collaborative workspace are warmly invited to join The Hive’s community.
Membership at The Hive means integration into Asia’s most vibrant coworking network. With locations spanning Vietnam, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Singapore, members can effortlessly transition between cities, utilizing any Hive space for work or meetings.
At Jackfruit, we recognize that despite residing in Ho Chi Minh City, many expatriates’ local knowledge remains confined to their immediate surroundings, often limited to the Thao Dien area of District 2. To bridge this gap, we curated a cycling tour specifically for The Hive’s members. This 20 km, four-hour journey meanders through the eclectic districts of 4 and 5, each with its distinct character and narrative. Our aim is to enrich your understanding of the city with insider insights, fostering a deeper connection to the vibrant metropolis you call home.

Are you ready to discover the Saigon Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour with Jackfruit and The Hive?

The tour will start at 8am and you need to be there at least 15 minutes in advance to prepare for the journey. Jackfruit guide will share about today’s itinerary, but what to note and prepare for. You can see how busy it is in our office alleyway.
If you curious about other routes to cycling discover Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour your self, can check our guide for top places to rides bicycles in Ho Chi Minh here.
ho chi minh city cyling tour
ho chi minh city cycling tour
At 8 am, we are all ready to go for an adventure day – Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour
ho chi minh city cycling tour
Discover District 4 and its unique culture – Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour
The tour’s inaugural exploration begins in District 4, an area renowned for its vibrant history as a hub for migrant workers and its storied past with gangsters. This district boasts the highest population density in the city, which contributes to its dynamic atmosphere and the kaleidoscope of hues that define its narrow passageways. The vivid colors that adorn the alleys are a signature trait of this district.
ho chi minh city cyling tour
We stop at Xom Chieu market area for a quick break after challenging but fun time exploring the alleyways in District 4 – Ho Chi Minh city cyling tour


ho chi minh city cycling tour
We have a quick break after the challenging time to discover alleyway

ho chi minh city cyling tour

Continuing our journey, we moved through District 5, a famous district with a large Chinese community and was once the richest capital of Saigon – Cho Lon in Southeast Asia.

ho chi minh cho lon cycling tour
We stop by a local Chinese Temple – On Lang and admire their ancient architechture
cho lon discovery with ho chi minh city cyling tour
Explore one the old apartment area of Cho Lon Saigon
cho lon ho chi minh city cycling tour
Ti our guide is sharing with The Hive team about the history of Cho Lon now and then by standing of those special aprartment 1960s vibes
ho chi minh city cyling tour
Having a group pictures at an authentic alleyway before heading back to our bike – Ho Chi Minh city cycling tour

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