Walking By The Ancient Street In Ho Chi Minh City

Did you know that Saigon has a street that will help you find antique items from different eras? This street will allow you to explore and gain a deep insight into the craftsmanship skills of artists from ancient times. If you enjoy learning and have a passion for hunting for antique items, then you shouldn’t miss Le Cong Kieu Street in District 1.

Antique Street in Ho Chi Minh CIty
One of the shops specializing in selling antiques on Le Cong Kieu Street, Ho Chi Minh City

How to Get to Ancient Street 

  • Address: Le Cong Kieu Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City 
  • Time to visit: 9AM – 5PM

A Few Facts About Le Cong Kieu Street 

In the past, Le Cong Kieu street was just an alley, going through 2-3 name changes from various government systems at that time. In 1955, it was officially named Le Cong Kieu after a general during the Can Vuong movement against the French. The ancient street is only 200m long, with a unique feature of antique shops along it being numbered without signs. It is called the ancient street simply because people are buying and selling “time” – “antiques”, the older they are, the more valuable they become!

Antique Street in Ho Chi Minh CIty
There is a wide variety of antique items with hundreds of years of historical value at Le Cong Kieu Street

Did You Know? 

Le Cong Kieu antique street is a fascinating place to explore for you, for me, and for those who love antiques. Located right in the central area of the city, a bustling area in the downtown area, you can ride a bike, or simply stroll through this antique street to hear interesting stories about the history of trading antiques, touch artifacts from different periods, and you can also learn more about the culture and life of the ancient people through the antiques in each store. In addition, this is also a place specializing in selling very exquisite “fake” antiques. So if you are planning to decorate your home, create a vintage space for your own business, or simply find souvenirs for your loved ones back home, then Le Cong Kieu street is the ideal place for you to spend time exploring and shopping.

Antique Street in Ho Chi Minh CIty
Ancient bronze and silver statues can be found at Le Cong Kieu Street

“Doing business on this street for over decades, owning a store specializing in antique items from different eras, every time I look at the displayed items, it feels like I am turning back time to those periods. Full of nostalgia and deep respect for ancient artisans who could create valuable products that are still treasured nowadays”, as Mr. Đính, a longtime antique store owner on the street, mentioned.

For me, every time I pass by this street, cycling around Saigon with my own bike and seeing the antique stores, it’s like stepping back in time, imagining the scenes of the past through those ancient items, items that have gone through and witnessed many historical milestones and the passing of time, preserving so many stories, truly the value lies in “the older, the more valuable”.

Antique Street in Ho Chi Minh CIty
Mr. Đính is the owner of a specialty antique shop in Le Cong Kieu Street

Are You Lucky Enough To Own Antiques At A Bargain Price?

Let me share with you an interesting story about antique hunting that might give you a new perspective when experiencing antique hunting on this old street. An example is the story of an old man carrying a rolled painting to sell. Initially, when brought to antique shops and street vendors to determine its value, no one knew what type of painting the old man’s rolled painting belonged to. It was only later discovered that the old man’s rolled painting was ancient paintings from the Ming dynasty, worth thousands of USD. Moreover, this is also a path that many famous people visit when in Ho Chi Minh City, such as the former First Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton, or the President of Switzerland, Pascal Couchepin, and his wife have also visited this place. Perhaps they too have come and wish to be able to choose antique items like the story of the old man’s rolled painting above. Visit this antique street, and who knows, you might be one of the lucky ones to find antique items at a bargain price, an experience worth trying when traveling to Saigon!

Antique Street in Ho Chi Minh CIty
Why not visit Le Cong Kieu street and who knows, you might be the lucky one to find valuable antiques worth thousands of dollars

The unique charm of Le Cong Kieu street has become an intriguing discovery spot for you when you have the opportunity to visit Ho Chi Minh City. It possesses its own distinct beauty, filled with cultural elements and historical values along this street. Make your trip memorable by immersing yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere of this ancient street!

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(*). The Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 AD) was the last dynasty in Chinese history established by the Han people in Central China.

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