Discover 4 Unique Coffee Blends in Ho Chi Minh City 

Vietnam is renowned for its coffee culture, offering a variety of unique and exciting coffee drinks that entertain your taste buds and provide a delightful experience. In Ho Chi Minh City, coffee is more than just a drink; it’s a cultural experience. Here are 4 unique coffee blends in Ho Chi Minh City. 

best and unique coffee in Ho Chi Minh
Coffee shop is an ideal setting for your gathering of family and friends

Where To Find The Best and Unique Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City

From Egg Coffee to Coconut Coffee, Salt Coffee, and even Pho Coffee, each blend offers a distinct flavor and texture that will make your visit unforgettable.

  1. Egg Coffee (Ca Phe Trung)

Unique Coffee Blends in Ho Chi Minh City

Imagine starting your morning in Ho Chi Minh City, the bustling streets coming to life as vendors set up their stalls and the aroma of fresh coffee fills the air. One drink that truly captures the essence of Vietnamese coffee culture is Egg Coffee. At first glance, the idea of combining coffee with egg yolk might seem unusual, but in Vietnam, it is a beloved tradition.

best coffee in ho chi minh city
Saigon egg coffee with delightful and authentic flavours

Egg Coffee is a rich, creamy delight made by whipping fresh egg yolk with sugar until it becomes frothy and light, eliminating any egg smell. This frothy mixture is then combined with a strong dark brew and sweetened condensed milk, creating a visually appealing and delicious drink. The golden brown foam that sits atop the coffee is not only beautiful but also adds a unique texture and flavor that is both sharp and creamy. The bitter undertones of the coffee are perfectly balanced by the sweet and creamy egg foam, creating a delightful experience for all your senses.

This drink is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Vietnamese coffee culture. When you sip on Egg Coffee, you are not just enjoying a drink; you are experiencing a piece of Vietnamese history and tradition.

Recommended Egg Coffee Shops You Must Visit: 

1. Little Hanoi Egg Coffee 

Address: 167 Ky Con, Nguyen Thai Binh, District 1

Price: 40.000 VND ( 1.5 USD )  

2. 3 T Egg Coffee 

Address: 1A Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe, District 1

Price: 40.000 vnd ( 1.5 USD ) 

2. Coconut Coffee (Ca Phe Dua) 

Unique Coffee Blends in Ho Chi Minh City

Did you know that the Mekong Delta in Vietnam is one of the coconut capitals of Southeast Asia? Beyond just drinking or cooking with coconut, we have elevated its use to make a delicious coconut-based coffee.

Mekong Delta in Vietnam is the capital of coconut

Coconut Coffee is a delightful option that brings the tropical flavors of Vietnam to your cup. Known for its creamy texture and tropical flavor, this coffee combines traditional Vietnamese coffee with coconut milk to create a refreshing and unique drink.

Unlike the conventional Vietnamese coffee, which uses condensed milk, Coconut Coffee uses coconut cream, making it smoother and creamier. The aroma of coconut adds an exotic twist, enhancing the overall experience. Each sip is a blend of rich, robust Vietnamese coffee and the sweet, creamy taste of coconut milk. This combination not only enhances the coffee’s flavor but also provides a smooth, silky texture that is incredibly satisfying.

Best and Unique Coffee in Ho Chi Minh
The creaminess of coconut milk brilliantly combines with the bitterness of coffee

Coconut Coffee is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day in Saigon or join an outdoor activity such as cycling around ho chi minh city, offering a taste of the tropics in every sip. Whether you are relaxing in a quaint café or exploring things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, this drink is a must-try.

Recommended Coconut Coffee Shops You Must Visit: 

1. Cong Coffee

Address: 274 Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh, District 1

Price: 60.000 VND ( 2.5 USD)

2. Da Bao Concept  

Address: 151C Hai Ba Trung, District 3 

Price: 60.000 VND ( 2.5 USD)

3. Salt Coffee (Ca Phe Muoi) 

Unique Coffee Blends in Ho Chi Minh City

In the ever-evolving coffee scene of Ho Chi Minh City, Salt Coffee stands out as a bold and innovative choice. This intriguing blend marries rich robusta coffee beans with a touch of salt, creating a fine balance of bitter and sweet flavors reminiscent of salted caramel.

The slight saltiness enhances the coffee’s natural flavors, making each sip more complex and enjoyable. A pinch of salt and airy cream perfectly complement the bitterness of the coffee, resulting in a smooth, rich drink that offers a unique twist on traditional Vietnamese coffee.

Best and Unique Coffee in Ho Chi Minh
Salt coffee marries rich robusta coffee beans with a touch of salt, creating a fine balance of bitter and sweet, reminiscent of salted caramel

Salt Coffee embodies the spirit of Vietnam’s contemporary culinary scene, combining the traditional coffee experience with a dash of 21st-century creativity. As you explore the city, don’t miss the chance to try this unique and delightful drink. 

Recommended Salt Coffee Shops You Must Visit: 

  1. Chu Long Coffee
  • Address: 68 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe, District 1
  • Price: 20.000 VND ( 1 USD) 

2. Nguoi Tam Chuyen House – Story Teller Saigon 

  • Address: 26 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Nghe, District 1 
  • Price: 40.000 VND ( 1.5 USD) 

4. Pho Coffee (Ca Phe Pho) 

Unique Coffee Blends in Ho Chi Minh City

Inspired by one of Vietnam’s most beloved dishes, Pho Coffee is a drink that combines the aromatic spices used in Pho, such as cinnamon and clove, with medium roasted coffee beans. The result is a drink that is both familiar and novel, offering the comforting flavors of Pho in a cup of coffee.

Best and Unique Coffee in Ho Chi Minh
The richness and smooth texture of fresh cream, with just the right amount of somewhat bitter coffee to balance it out.

Pho Coffee with Cream is a variation that is particularly popular among those who love the smoothness and richness of fresh cream. This version combines the slightly bitter coffee with the creamy texture of fresh cream, creating a drink that is rich, smooth, and full of flavor. The use of ingredients from Vietnam’s specialty growing regions ensures that each cup of Pho Coffee is of the highest quality, providing a unique and memorable experience for anyone who tries it

Recommended Pho Coffee ShopYou Must Visit: 

Cong Coffee

  • Address: 274 Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh, District 1
  • Price: 60.000 VND ( 2.5 USD)

Exploring Coffee Culture 

Unique Coffee Blends in Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City, coffee is not just a drink; it’s a social experience. Cafes here range from modern, chic establishments to traditional, cozy spots that transport you back in time. Each café has its own unique atmosphere, offering not just great coffee but also a glimpse into the local culture and lifestyle.

Many cafes in Ho Chi Minh City serve as social hubs where people gather to chat, work, or simply relax. The vibrant coffee culture here is a testament to the Vietnamese love for coffee and the community spirit it fosters. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet moment with a book or engaging in lively conversation with friends, the coffee experience in Ho Chi Minh City is always enriching.

Tips for Finding The Best and Unique Coffee in Ho Chi Minh 

1. Prepare Local Currency for Easy Transactions
Make sure to have some Vietnamese Dong (VND) on hand, as many local coffee shops might not accept credit cards. You can easily exchange money at the airport, banks, or authorized exchange offices around the city. Having cash ready will make it easier to enjoy your coffee without any payment hassles.
2. Learn Basic Vietnamese Phrases
Learning a few basic Vietnamese phrases can enhance your coffee experience. Phrases such as “Ca Phe Sua Da” (iced milk coffee), “Bao nhieu tien” (how much is it?), and “Cam on” (thank you) will be appreciated by the locals and can make ordering smoother.
3. Join a Coffee Tour by Bicycle:
Consider joining a guided cycling tour that focuses on the city’s coffee culture. These tours often take you to hidden gems and local favorites that you might not find on your own. You’ll get to taste different types of Vietnamese coffee and learn about the history and preparation methods while enjoying a fun and active way to see the city. Look for tours that cater to foreigners and provide English-speaking guides for a better experience such as Jackfruit Adventure.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Tasting these unique coffee variations is more than just a culinary adventure; it’s a way to immerse yourself in the rich culture of Vietnam. At Jackfruit Adventure, we offer Ho Chi Minh City Cycling Tours and Team Building activities that allow you to explore the city and experience its vibrant coffee culture firsthand. Our deep knowledge of Saigon and local connections ensure that you will have an unforgettable experience, whether you are cycling through the city or participating in a team-building event.

Ready to dive into the delightful world of Vietnamese coffee? Join us on a Jackfruit Adventure tour and savor the unique coffee blends of Ho Chi Minh City while exploring the city’s vibrant streets. Book your tour today and let us guide you through an unforgettable journey of taste and culture!

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