Guide to visit Sapa waterfalls

The breathtaking scenery of Sapa is truly magnificent!
The Stunning Scenery of Sapa. Source: Unsplash.

Sapa is not only known for its mountains and terraced fields, but also for its waterfalls that resemble white silk ribbons, contributing to the vibrant life of the people and vegetation in this Northwestern region. Join Jackfruit Adventure to explore the impressive waterfalls in Sapa.

1. Silver Waterfall Sapa

  • Address: QL4D, San Sa Ho, Sa Pa, Lao Cai
  • Ticket price: 20,000 VND (approximately 0.87 USD)

Silver Waterfall is located about 12 km from Sapa town, on Highway 4D, San Sa Ho. To get here, it’s best to travel by motorbike to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Along Highway 4D from the center of Sapa town to the Silver Waterfall tourist area, you will be able to admire lush pine forests, green vegetable gardens on the hillsides, and vibrant flower fields.

Source: Pinterest.

Silver Waterfall stands at 200m high, at an elevation of 1800m above sea level, creating a majestic natural landscape. The silver-white water flows down from the mountain crevice, creating a powerful stream with frothy white foam when it encounters rocks at the base. Especially, from the Ham Rong Mountain summit in Sapa town, you can overlook the entire Silver Waterfall.

The ideal time to visit Silver Waterfall is from April to October when the waterfall is at its strongest due to the rainy season. However, during the rainy season, it’s important to be cautious when traveling with small children as the path to the waterfall bridge can be slippery. In winter, Silver Waterfall is one of the snowiest areas in Sapa.

2. Love Waterfall Sapa

  • Address: Son Binh, Tam Duong, Lai Chau
  • Ticket price: 70,000 VND/person (approximately 3.04 USD)

Love Waterfall is located about 4km from the center of Sapa town, near O Quy Ho Pass. This is the starting point for conquering the Fansipan peak. Love Waterfall is nearly 100m high, at an elevation of 1800m above sea level, part of the Golden Stream originating from the majestic Fansipan peak.

Source: Pinterest.

The waterfall is associated with a legend about the sad love story of a young man named O Quy Ho and a celestial fairy. The stream flows through high terrain to create an impressive waterfall. Love Waterfall exudes a pristine and pure beauty, attracting tourists who love nature.

The ideal time to visit is in summer when the water is cool and refreshing. The Suối Vàng – Love Waterfall tourist area is a popular destination for families and couples, offering fresh air and beautiful natural scenery.

3. Tien Sa Waterfall Sapa

  • Address: Cat Cat, San Sa Ho, Sa Pa, Lao Cai
  • Ticket price: 70,000 VND/person  (approximately 3.04 USD)

Tien Sa Waterfall is located in the Cat Cat tourist area, about 4 km north of the center of Sapa town. Also known as Cat Cat Waterfall, it is adjacent to the village with a long history of the H’Mong ethnic people. Tien Sa Waterfall may not be as grand as Silver Waterfall, but it offers a relaxing and serene atmosphere.

Source: Pinterest.

The road to the waterfall passes through Cat Cat village with narrow, winding paths. Along the way are souvenir shops and traditional costumes of the ethnic H’Mong people. Opposite the waterfall is a railing for tourists to admire and take photos.

Tien Sa Waterfall is formed by the Tien Stream and the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. The water from the mountain flows into small streams, creating Tien Sa Waterfall. The area around the waterfall is filled with ancient Sapa roses, creating a romantic scene. It’s an ideal destination for couples and families looking to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Tien Sa Waterfall is an essential part of visiting Cat Cat village, offering a memorable experience for tourists in Sapa.

The ideal time of year to see Sapa’s waterfalls

The rainy season in Sapa, which usually lasts from May to September, is the best time of year to see the waterfalls. The waterfalls are at their most spectacular during this time of year, when a plentiful supply of rainfall causes a sharp rise in water flow. The waterfalls thundering down the slope in a display of unadulterated natural power provide an amazing spectacle as the cascading torrents build a wall of water.

Source: Pinterest.

During the rainy season, travelers can experience the full splendor of nature when they visit Sapa’s waterfalls. Rainfall revitalizes the rich vegetation surrounding the falls, resulting in a vivid and stunning setting for the flowing waters. It’s the ideal time to discover the area’s natural treasures because the air is full of a sense of freshness and energy.

Source: Pinterest.

Furthermore, the waterfalls maintain most of their volume right after the rainy season ends, which usually occurs in the early autumn months, allowing for the continuation of the breathtaking views that are witnessed throughout the height of the rainy season. The weather is a little bit dryer during this transitional season, which is perfect for trekking and exploring the paths surrounding the waterfalls.

Experience exploring the waterfalls in Sapa with Jackfruit Adventure!

Above are our recommendations for the 3 most beautiful waterfalls in Sapa. If you have any questions or would like more detailed information, please contact us through our website so that we can assist you. Additionally, we offer very interesting Sapa tours. Jackfruit Adventure is always ready to provide you with the best experience during your vacation. Sign up for a Sapa tour now to enjoy your wonderful vacation.

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