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Pride Month in Vietnam
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To effectively organize a Team-Building activity in response to Pride Month, careful planning and consideration are essential. In recent months, Jackfruit Adventure has had the privilege of collaborating with various businesses in Southeast Asia to tailor their Team-Building programs in Vietnam to incorporate elements that celebrate Pride Month. This article aims to highlight our experiences in hosting pride month Team-Building events in Vietnam.

The Spirit Of Pride Month In The Workplace

Before discussing ideas for organizing Pride Month Team Building, it is important to consider the significance of Pride in the business world. While not all businesses participate, some engage in what is known as “rainbow washing” or “pinkwashing”. Rainbow washing involves using rainbow-themed symbols in branding, advertising, merchandise, or social media to appear supportive of the LGBTQ+ community during Pride month. However, this support may lack genuine backing for LGBTQ+ identities and rights in their workplace.

This term is used to describe organizations or companies that adopt Pride branding insincerely for their own benefit, in an attempt to appear progressive and supportive allies. This practice is similar to greenwashing, where companies claim to be environmentally friendly while still engaging in harmful environmental practices.

At Jackfruit Adventure, we always emphasize the significance of the Pride spirit and encourage businesses to express it beyond the confines of a Team-Building session. We pose a straightforward question to remind our clients about the importance of inclusivity: “When it comes to accommodation arrangements for Team-Building activities, is the allocation done in a manner that considers LGBTQ+ employees?”

pride month vietnam trip
People gather on the street for the Pride Month. Source: Unsplash

History of Pride“Pride month, and its corresponding parades and celebrations, commemorate the Stonewall riots that occurred in June 1969 in New York City, during which queer people, tired of oppression, fought back against violent police officers and organized protests in the following days. Apart from being an event of affirmation and community for LGBTQ+ people, Pride was first and foremost a protest march, whose disruption was meant to demand change and progress in equality.” – Gerardo Bandera wrote on Fair Planet about LGBT Rights.

A crucial aspect of developing corporate culture is the accurate interpretation of “Pride” and the commitment to promoting “Equality”, as emphasized by Jackfruit Adventure. These principles are essential for businesses to integrate into their organizational ethos beyond specific events like Pride Month. During consultations on Team-Building strategies, we aim to engage in meaningful discussions with businesses to instill these values. Our overarching goal of leaving a positive impact on the world through memorable experiences drives us to not only offer Team-Building services but also impart sustainable skills and insights to help businesses thrive in the long run.

Celebrate Pride Month With Gender Equality

Start taking action for “Equality” for all genders, not necessarily around LGBTQ+ topics in your business before organizing Team-Building because then your team will truly be engaged, build connections and shift high performance to your own business. And this activity should take place weekly or monthly aims to create a safe working space where our employees feel proud to express yourself, respect each other’s personal interests – for example: I have a male friend who loves knitting, I know a female employee who likes to collect robots, I’m proud to be a creative Gay guy in Jackfruit Adventure etc.

Small activities serve as the foundation for significant events like Pride Month at the workplace. This approach is crucial in determining the appropriate way to celebrate major workplace events such as Pride Month. Consequently, it paves the way for larger annual team activities, such as team building. In the case of a multinational workforce, it is important to carefully choose an LGBTQ+ inclusive country to guarantee a positive experience for all employees globally. Some LGBTQ-friendly destinations to consider are Malta, Iceland, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Taiwan, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, and others.

How Vietnam is LGBTQ+ friendly for Foreigners?

Vietnam is an attractive choice for foreign businesses due to its reputation as a hassle-free destination for LGBTQ+ travelers. The country has made significant progress in acknowledging and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, with same-sex relationships and acts being legally recognized. Furthermore, the ban on same-sex marriages was lifted in January 2015, marking a positive step towards inclusivity and equality.

Source: VietPride
Source: VietPride

In terms of rights, Vietnam does not offer marriage equality; but it’s quite progressive compared with Asian standards. It’s never had anti-LGBTQ+ laws. However, one of the cultural beauties of the Vietnamese people is their hospitality, so whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, or identify beyond these commonly used sexuality and gender expressions, we always welcome and serve guests from both within and outside the country with the utmost sincerity.

Hint: It is worth noting that June is recognized as International Pride Month, rather than the official Pride Month in Vietnam. Therefore, if you plan to visit Vietnam and experience the vibrant celebrations of Pride Month, it is advisable to travel during the months of August, September, or October.

Happy Pride Month Ideas In Team Building Activities

Jackfruit Adventure offers unique Team-Building activities that embrace the spirit of Pride Month:

  • The Photo Challenge – an immersive journey through the vibrant alley culture of Vietnam 

Photo Challenge hosted by Jackfruit Adventure
Photo Challenge hosted by Jackfruit Adventure

Equipped with a map, the group embarks on a quest to explore local alleys, immersing themselves in the rich cultural experiences they encounter. However, there’s an exciting twist to this adventure. Along the way, the group must keep an eye out for rainbow symbols, representing the essence of Pride Month. The ultimate goal is to capture group photos at these symbolic locations, ensuring that everyone is included and no one is left out. It’s a fun and inclusive way to celebrate and honor the values of Pride Month while fostering teamwork and cultural appreciation.

  • Pedal With Heart – experience cycling in the city with community purpose

City Cycling with Community Purpose hosted Jackfruit Adventure
City Cycling with Community Purpose hosted Jackfruit Adventure

Embark on a journey through the city streets with a bicycle and a map in hand, as you navigate challenge stations along the way towards the final destination. At each station, participants will engage in various activities to gather rainbow-shaped puzzle pieces, fostering teamwork and camaraderie within the group.

Upon reaching the last station, dedicated to the youth, teams will conduct a workshop on Gender Equality for the children, followed by a shared meal to further strengthen connections and community spirit.

  • You are the STAR of your life – Indoor activities and artistic inclination

Indoor activities and artistic inclination make you the star of your own life. To add excitement to the event, participants will draw lots before the activity to determine which celebrity or movie character they will embody. On the day of the event, everyone will dress up in outfits or accessories that immediately remind others of the character they have chosen. This activity allows both male and female participants to pretend to be characters of the opposite gender, encouraging a deeper understanding of different perspectives. The games and activities throughout the event will revolve around these themes, creating a fun and immersive experience for all.

In addition to this, Jackfruit Adventure has a plethora of other ideas to offer. Our approach to creating a cohesive team building session involves actively listening to customer requests, researching their culture, and generating at least 03 options for them to choose from. Contact Jackfruit Adventure for an unforgettable experience that is tailored to your needs by heart.

Unforgettable Experience hosted Jackfruit Adventure
Unforgettable Experience hosted Jackfruit Adventure
Team Building Activities In Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – Vietnam

At Jackfruit Adventure, we organize Ho Chi Minh city Cycling Tour and Team Building Ho Chi Minh. With a deep knowledge of Saigon city and local connections, we believe can give you an awesome bonding time together. Contact us today if you have any requests or question to prepare a trip for your team to bonding in Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam. 

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