Discover Tiny House in District 4 Ho Chi Minh City

Tiny House in District 4
The adorable daily conversations from Vietnamese neighbors in the old-fashioned small house are always heartwarming

As a perspective from behind Saigon, when you only see and know Saigon’s beauty through the public information platforms about famous tourist attractions, have you ever asked yourself, “Have they experienced and lived here like this?”

From the luxurious and glamorous District 1 with tall buildings, elegance, and wide streets, when you look towards the South, you can see a difference, between District 4 and the story of the “Wild Land”.

Trip to Explore District 4 

Once upon a time, I had the opportunity to take a stroll around District 4 with the desire to understand more about the people here and discover the remnants of ancient traditions in this district. Although I was initially filled with apprehension (as District 4 used to be notorious for its underworld stories), I ventured to famous landmarks such as Nha Rong Wharf – where President Ho Chi Minh embarked on his journey to save the country, and Xom Chieu Market – a place renowned for its diverse culinary delights from the North to the South. Amidst the bustling and vibrant atmosphere of Saigon, I felt the urge to escape it all. Instead of cycling along the crowded main streets, I chose to explore the narrow alleyways, guided by the cosmic signals, and the result was…

Tiny House in District 4
In a tiny alley on Doan Van Bo street, there is a small, elongated house that stands at a height of less than 1m

A Tiny House Appeared! 

I discovered some houses with small architecture (not the smallest, but reminiscent of houses from past decades), cozy and just enough for one person to live in. Impressed by this, I came up with an interesting idea to spend a day searching and hunting for very tiny houses in District 4. Thanks to asking Ms. K, the owner of a food stall on Doan Van Bo street, she shared, “In every alley in the Doan Van Bo area, you will easily find very small houses still locating there, because it used to be a complex and historical place where the concept of “nameless houses, numberless streets” was formed, so go there and explore.”

Tiny House in District 4
A tiny house just enough for one person to live in, with narrow width and cramped length

Thanks to her suggestion, I had the opportunity to wander through the alleys of Doan Van Bo street, filled with dead ends and countless interesting detours. The friendly locals helped me navigate the maze and create unforgettable memories. I stumbled upon the super tiny houses here, like Mrs. N’s house – a structure built decades ago in the 90s. The house is just over half a meter wide and a little over a meter deep, yet it boasts two floors.

The Elderly Ladies and The Story of A Tiny “Green” House

There is a special old green house, along with the gathering of the elderly ladies in the ward. At first, they were hesitant to share, but you know what? When I started listening and sharing, the ladies became incredibly adorable, sharing everything from building the house to the process of bonding with it. According to the group of ladies, they have been living in this house since the 90s, a time of economic difficulties. The house has been a part of their lives from their girlhood until now, and it has given them countless memories. Despite the hardships, having a home to live in is a fortunate thing in their lives while making a living in the city of Saigon.

Tiny House in District 4
Smiles and interesting stories bring joy to the daily lives of those in the small house, grateful for the home that has been with them until now and is a part of their youth

If you ever have the chance to visit District 4, I believe that interacting with the locals, exploring the narrow alleys with their stories and remnants, will make your trip to Saigon even more exciting. If you’re looking for a companion, come join us – Jackfruit Adventure. We’ll pedal our bikes together, embarking on an adventure throughout District 4, discovering the culture, history, and cuisine of this area on the bike trip!

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