Weekend Away trip to Minh Dam Mountain – An easy day hike near Vung Tau Vietnam


Are you getting bored with Saigon Ho Chi Minh City and looking for something fun to do over the weekend in Saigon?


Why not head for a trip to Minh Dam mountain?

About Minh Dam mountain in Vung Tau


Amazing view of Minh Dam mountain – Vietnam Adventure Cycling


Minh Dam is a low mountain, crashing into the sea, 8km long, 355m high, stretching the territory of Tam Phuoc, Phuoc Hung, Long Hai town of Long Dien district, and Phuoc Hai, Long My of Dat Do district.


Previously, Minh Dam mountain was named Thuy Van because from the mountain we often see many floating clouds of different shapes.


Later, with the construction of 2 temples Chau Long and Chau Vien on the mountain, Thuy Van was renamed Chau Long – Chau Vien mountain.


During the Vietnam War, the mountain became the revolutionary base of Vung Tau’s communist army and people. In 1948, Secretary of Long Dien District Party Committee Bui Cong Minh and Deputy Party Secretary Mac Thanh Dam heroically sacrificed themselves on this mountain, since then in memory of the two men and those who sacrificed here, the mountain was changed to the name Minh Dam mountain.


How to get to Minh Dam Moutain


From Saigon


You can take the Hoa Mai bus from the central city District 1 at the address 44 Nguyen Thai Binh, District 1 


From here, it normally takes 2 hours to get to the center city of Vung Tau city. Then you can get the local bus to Minh Dam mountain for about 40 minutes driving distance


Another way to do that is you can rent a motorbike from Vung Tau city and drive directly to Minh Dam mountain, that would be more fun and easy to manage your time.


For anyone’s adventure, taking a long ride on a motorbike from Saigon to Minh Dam mountain for about 4 hours would be a perfect choice


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Hiking in Minh Dam Moutain – Ba Ria Vung Tau


Visit local pagoda before ready for the hike – vietnam adventure cycling


There is lot of money around, you can buy the fruits near there and feed them – vietnam adventure cycling


Mamy visitors feed the fruits for the money before going for the hike – vietnam adventure cycling 


But carefully otherwise they can stolen your fruits very quick – vietnam adventure cycling 



A small pagoda on the parking side, you can stop by and having some local tea with the friendly monk 


Minh Dam has verdant forests all year round, from the foot of the mountain there is a paved road leading to the top, in addition to visiting the historical site, visitors can combine it with exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenery on the climbing road.


Going about 2 thirds of the way to the top of the mountain, visitors will have a panoramic view of Long Hai sea from above, with the vast sea view, combined with the dreamy mountain scenery, so the scenery is really amazing.


Eventually, we dont have a chance to hike up to the top so there is not much information to show you at the moment. We will update this article for the next visit to Minh Dam mountain