Visit wholesales motorcycle parts market – Saigon city tour

Jackfruit receives a lot of questions from customers about finding an ideal place to buy motorcycle parts (although Jackfruit only provides services related to bicycle tours :D). So through this article Jackfruit would like to introduce you to a reputable address to buy motorcycle parts suitable for your vehicle.



Currently, when it comes to the largest place to buy and sell motorcycle parts, no one is unaware of Tan Thanh market in District 5. Located on streets such as Bui Huu Tri, Do Ngoc Thanh, Tan Hung, Ha Ton Quyen, … Tan Thanh street is the street with the most shops, so the market is named Tan Thanh.


Here wholesale and retail all kinds of items related to motorcycles. From genuine spare parts to high-end motorcycle toys. From famous brands such as RCB, Brembo, Ohlins, Nitron,…


Going around the market, you will not be dizzy with the spare parts sold everywhere. Along with that are the sales, offers and invitations. Here not only sell new items but mostly old motorbike parts.


Note: when buying things at Tan Thanh market


If you are an inexperienced person when buying motorcycle toys then you should go with someone who has experience in this section. Because buying here is extremely difficult, the number of items there are many and the price will also make it difficult for you to choose.


Address of Tan Thanh market

Located on Tan Thanh Street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. Every day the market welcomes thousands of visitors to buy retail and get good prices here.


We hope this information give you some good insights views and we are looking to see you on our Vietnam adventure cycling tours to discover this beautiful country.