Top 4 best rock Indoor rock climbing in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh


Looking for a more unorthodox way to get some exercise? Try rock climbing. It’s an exhilarating experience that helps you test the limits of what your body can handle. There are plenty of great rock climbing gyms in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh city that can help you master the basics before you take on a real mountain. Whether you’re after a casual climb or an intensive workshop, you’ll find a spot and a trainer to help achieve your goals. Here are our favorite spots to go rock climbing in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh city!

  1. Saigon Climbing Center


Amazing place with great people and vibes – team building ho chi minh saigon


Address: 168/42 Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city


A well-equipped climbing center. Not very big but all you need for fun or serious climbing practice.


 Great routes with multiple difficulties and they had one auto-belay set up.


Lovely small gym with strong climbers from everywhere – team building ho chi minh saigon

  1. Vertical Academy


Address: 789D, Street 1, Thu Duc Ward, Ho Chi Minh city


Vertical Academy offers climbing lessons in Saigon for all levels! Friendly staff and atmosphere, routes are changed regularly, perfect for good climbers but also beginners, a lot of classes available during the week, also possible to book a private class in advance. 


Kids and adults practice climbing skills at Vertical Academy – Team Building Ho Chi Minh

  1. Push Climbing


Source: Push Climbing Fanpage – Team Building Ho Chi Minh


Address: 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien Ward, Ho Chi Minh city


Push Climbing is a rock climbing gym located in Thao Dien, HCMC, Viet Nam or if you know Saigon Outcast, here it is. They offer a 15-meter climbing wall with 50+ routes, lead climbing, auto-belay, moon board & a jungle gym.


Push Climbing is a great place to put climbing with friends into practice, even if they’re just having a beer and cheering you on. 

  1. Jump Arena



Location 1: 2 – 4, Route 9, District 7


Location 2: 875 Cach Mang Thang 8 street, District 3 


Nice place for some basic rock climbing and jumping – team building vietnam ho chi minh


The last stop is Jump Arena, Jump Arena is a fun paradise that integrates a variety of trampoline and active games such as climbing, overcoming obstacles, and other activities with extremely unique, interesting, and safe challenges. Activities at Jump Arena exploit to the fullest the benefits of fun including mental and physical health.

Great place for kids to learn and exercise – team building ho chi minh


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Ready for a weekend solo climping or either join a team building ho chi minh activities? 

What to Bring


Everyone’s checklist


Clothes – There’s no best outfit for climbing and figuring out what to wear is always a little tricky when you’re just starting. Shorts or trousers? Honestly, just dress for the temperature and any sportswear will do. Although protecting your knees is often a good idea, going from climbing to casual without changing into a good pair of trousers can save you space in your gym bag. Honestly as long as it’s stretchy you’ll be fine, but if you can get a pair with a diamond gusset like Hippy Tree’s Sierra Pants or Patagonia’s Venga Rock Pants, you won’t regret it. Shorts wise, anything baggy or stretchy would also be fine, but I have noticed the cool kids do like to wear Prana’s Mojo Shorts. IF IT IS YOUR FIRST TIME – BRING SOCKS (those rentals aren’t getting any newer)


Water – Any respectable athlete will tell you that staying hydrated is really important, and any climber will tell you there are 3 options for bottles, all of which you must plaster in stickers. They are: The old reliable BPA free Nalgene, the elite Hydroflask, and finally the eco friendly Klean Kanteen.

Snacks – There is quite frankly nothing better than a little nibble when you’ve been trying hard, but a full meal will probably derail your journey on the train. Personally, I always carry some sort of cereal bar to keep me going mid session such as Cliff Bars or RXBARs.


Tape – I’m talking about good sticky zinc tape. Offered by a host of climbing brands and easily bought at your local gym, tape is used to save some skin or seal up that flapper. Metolius makes my favorite, but there’s plenty of options out there.


Hand Balm – There’s plenty on the market, but I’ve had the same nub of climb on for a couple of years and it’s doing me good. Although, I did recently get a tub of Joshua Tree and that stuff really works.


Nail clippers – Now this is super underrated and honestly the last thing you want is to be the one making horrible scratching noises every time you crimp. Additionally, long toenails can make squeezing your feet into already tight climbing shoes all the more painful, so be sure to pick up a pair and throw them in your bag.


Established climbers checklist


Climbing Shoes – The staple of all climbing, a great selection can be found online here. Picking the right shoe can be really tricky, but look out for our future advice article.


Chalk Bag – Sweaty hands are the bane of a climber’s existence. We carry chalk to quickly deal with those sweaty tips and up the friction. Chalk comes in balls, loose, bricks, or liquid, whilst the bags come in all shapes and sizes. Boulderers might prefer ‘buckets‘ to avoid losing your chalk in a tumble.


Harness – These are much the same, but some are particularly light to help you hit the higher grades, though they often end up losing a couple of features. Some of the best do-all harnesses include Petzl Adjama, Black Diamond Momentum, and Mammut Sender Fast Adjust which feature enough gear loops for getting into more complex climbing, as well as adjustable leg loops for when you need to layer up.


Belay Plate – There are really only 3 factors to consider when choosing one of these; what you learnt to use, where you want to take your climbing, and the cost.The flexibility of guide plates make them a favorite amongst those looking to transfer their knowledge outdoors, while assisted devices can feel more secure to beginners.


Brush – You only need a small personal brush for when the chalk has built up and make the holds smooth, a lot of gyms do provide them so you don’t need one. Saying that, why not accessorize your chalk bag with a colorful brush like these Lapis Boar hair brushes!


Rope – When you get to leading you’ll probably want your own rope, but if you’re climbing indoors avoid making the ‘I need a light skinny rope to send’ mistake.