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50 years old ‘island’ fish hot pot in Cho Lon

After ordered, the hotpot is puts lot of food inside: fish, shrimp, vegetables… and ready to FIRE  Vietnam cycling tour

Great street food Saigon in Cho Lon Chinatown to try 

Unlike the boiling hot pot on an alcohol stove or an electric stove, the fish hot pot dish in Cho Lon, Saigon still retains the style of cooking on an aluminum pot with a charcoal burner in the middle of the Chinese people for 50 years.

The staff puts the burning coal in the middle of the hotpot ( there is a go-through hole in the middle of the pot to put the burning coal in )  Vietnam cycling tour

This type of pot is called an islet pot because the coal-fired tube in the middle of the aluminum pot is likened to an islet, a mound of earth floating in the surrounding water. When guests order, the chef in turn arranges layers of ingredients into the pot: grouper, pork skin, mushroom, dumpling, fish ball, fish ball, heart liver, squid, shrimp and then pours the broth over. In the isle tube put the pre-primed charcoal. Put the hot pot on the stove, blow the coals with the restaurant’s pipe system, then the hot coals radiate heat to boil the hot pot. After that, the small kitchen and hot pot are brought to the table for diners, the coals are still pink so that the hot pot is always boiling.

And the hotpot is ready to serve – Vietnam cycling tour

A plate of rice vermicelli or noodles, chamomile vegetables, fried tofu, hot noodles are served with hot pot. Throw the noodles and vegetables into the boiling hot pot and quickly take out the bowl, pour the broth and shrimp and fish on top, you will feel the full flavor of this dish.

If you want to know about the address

Price: 160.000 vnd ( 7 usd) for 1 person hotpot ( not including noodle and vegetable)

Address: 99 Chau Van Liem, District 5 


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