In Search of Saigon History along the Railway Track


39 $


07.30 AM


3 Hours


~ 10km

Discover Saigon along the Railway Track

Join a journey to discover Saigon 

Tour highlights

✔ Discover Saigon Urban Vibes and History

✔ Have a closer look at the local vibes of Saigon

✔ Throwback to learn about Saigon’s history and people

✔ Slow travel with time for bonding and making new or reconnecting with friends

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Explore the railways and locals live along

As philosopher Confucius has said ” Study the past if you would define the future”. This journey will not only bring us to discover Saigon History as well as the local life of people live along the railway but also a chance for us to throwback the past, value the present and have a great vision for future.

Beautiful train alleys

Here, the train whistle bell in the early morning is like an automatic alarm for the people living around 

When the train is crossing by

Here everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the famous French butter coffee and learn about the story of a man who contributed a lot in the 1968 Tet Offensive, antiques in the house and a Secret Tunnel.

All you need to know

On our tours, we are guests at local and more conservative communities, including temples. Please allow us to ask you to dress more conservatively out of respect for the local community.

FOR YOUR OWN CONVENIENCE We recommend you wear light, comfortable clothing with a hat to keep the sun off your head. For footwear, we recommend closed shoes or sports sandals for maximum protection and control during your tour. For your own safety, we discourage the use of ‘flip flops’ as they often compromise the ability of the rider to control his/her bicycle on the tour. The liberal use of sunscreen is also highly encouraged.

Personal sunscreen

Drinking water bottle (As Jackfruit Adventure is a sustainable cycling tour, we highly recommend you bring your own water)

Most of our guides are English-speaking local Vietnamese.

  • Local fresh fruits + coffee/fresh juice
  • Bicycles + Helmets
  • Experienced Jackfruit Guide Leader
  • Jackfruit Guide Supporters (first aid kit/ bike fixing /ponchos.. )
  • Accidental Insurance

We will never cancel a tour due to rain! The weather in Saigon Ho Chi Minh city is divided into 2 seasons which are rain and dry season. Rain season begins in May and ends by end of October. The rain in Saigon normally won’t last for long. In light rain, we provide ponchos to our customers and cycle on.

Joining one of our bicycle tours in Saigon Ho Chi Minh City is a wonderful refreshing adventure all year round. The activity of cycling (as opposed to walking), will always create a breeze to help cool you down. We are also aided by the fact that Saigon terrain is very flat and we cycle at a leisurely pace. In addition, plenty of cold drinks and rest stops along the way will keep you refreshed for the adventure

We pride ourselves on being an alternative to bring unique experiences by taking our customers to the REAL, urban vibrant local life on Saigon. As such, our tours do not go to typical mass tourism attractions like the Independent Palace, Post Office, War Museum etc. We travel into the local communities to places that are typically inaccessible to the average traveler. Please do not be concerned about duplicating location visits on your own during the rest of your time in Saigon Ho Chi Minh city.