Mong Bridge – Saigon Ho Chi Minh attraction

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Mong Bridge is one of the oldest bridges of Saigon – Gia Dinh, more than a hundred years old so far. The bridge crosses Ben Nghe canal, connecting District Nhat and District Tu today.


Mong Bridge in the past (source: collection )


Here, right from the time of reclamation and encroachment, the first steps of Vietnamese exiles from the Central and North regions flocked to explore the wild land on the west bank of Ben Nghe canal, gradually the settlement was formed. and development, the population is concentrated more and more crowded. They follow the riverside roads, build wharves, shops, markets to trade, produce handicrafts, create a bustling scene on the wharf under the boat.



Saigon – Gia Dinh was also the place where the French colonialists chose to place their dominion over the whole Indochina for nearly a century. Like many Southeast Asian countries, French colonial architecture has left Saigon with many architectural heritages of high artistic value. The architectural works in Saigon during the French colonial period have a rather special style, imbued with the culture of Western urban architecture. Built-in the late 19th century, Mong Bridge is a work showing the unique features of this architecture.


Under Mong Bridge


According to archival documents, Mong Bridge was built by the French in the early 90s of the 19th century. This is considered the first bridge built by Messageries Maritimes Company across the Ben Nghe canal. The bridge is designed with a length of 128 meters, a width of 5.2 meters and a pedestrian sidewalk of half a meter. Two driveways, one to go up the bridge to Vinh Hoi and the other to cross from the bridge to Ben Van Don / Vinh Hoi to go down to Chuong Duong wharf.


The French call this bridge Arenciel (Ask-can-cien), which means Rainbow. As for the Vietnamese, some call it Mong bridge, some call it Mong bridge. Those who call it Mong bridge have an explanation because this is the first bridge in this area with foundation pillars. The people called Mong explain this because the arc shape of the bridge looks like a rainbow.


Today, Mong Bridge is a popular spot for many young couples and cycle tour in Vietnam to take wedding photos and in the evening many young people gather here to enjoy the cool air from the Saigon River and snacks served next door.