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Mekong Delta cycling tours in Vietnam

The Mekong Delta is a large area with an interlaced system of canals. That’s why people here live a lot along the two banks of the river to facilitate travel and almost every family here has their own wooden boat. Join the journey with Jackfruit, in addition to cycling time, we also combine the use of wooden boats to bring the most local feeling when you join the journey explore Mekong Delta cycling tour with  Jackfruit. 

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1. Sustainable​

2. Community driven
3. Fun + Enjoy
4. Local heart

Explore Mekong Delta Cycling Tours on two wheel

Compared as the Rice Bowl of the South, 13 western provinces have contributed greatly to the development of Southern Vietnam. Thanks to abundant water and fertile soil, many tropical fruit products are grown here, thereby creating a rich and peaceful land. A Mekong Delta Cycling Tours visit to the West Side ( miền Tây ) is a great opportunity for you to experience the village life and the friendliness of the people here.

Vietnam Cycling tours authentic travel experiences

A Vietnam Cycling tours is not only an opportunity for you to learn about the landscape of the people there but also a journey where you get to know yourself better. Jackfruit always aims to bring you a change, a new discovery about yourself after every journey with us. 

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Discover Mekong Delta Cycling Tours with Jackfruit Adventure

Mekong Delta adventure

Ho Chi Minh bike tour

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) city is the perfect start to your Vietnam adventure cycling tours. The unique urban rhythm alternates between the development of high-rise buildings and the old urban area. A journey to discover Ho Chi Minh bike tour by bicycle will give you a memorable memory of this beautiful and lovely city.


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