le cong kieu antique street

Le Cong Kieu Street: the street of antique shops – Saigon city tour


Located in a triangle area near Ben Thanh market, opposite the “Chu Hoa hospital” in the center of District 1, there is a small street just over 200m long, famous before 1975 as the Le Cong antique street. Kieu.

This is Saigon’s old quarter, almost untouched by the rapid development of new high-rise buildings around. It is nestled in the vibrant streets, seems quiet, modest but hides many traces of time for the old Saigon people, people from all over the world or visitors including foreign tourists.


Le Cong Kieu ancient clock street does not have a busy shopping scene, but it is a place where collectors, especially antique watches, go all day long, including foreigners. They are special guests, like going back in time through a timekeeping product, where every tick of a tiny time machine is delicately crafted as if recalling countless memories. The old clock street of Le Cong Kieu is also a feature of Saigon, where the oldest time machines are stored.


But over time, Le Cong Kieu’s antique street is also saturated with the market for antiques, especially antique watches. The vibrant pace in the early years after 1975 has de-escalated due to increasingly scarce supplies, more antique fakes than genuine antiques, so collectors have turned away. The scene where there are more sellers than buyers until now shows that Le Cong Kieu antique street is only an image of a glorious time or only in the nostalgia of an old market of people… nostalgic.


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An owner waits for customer, he is really happy to talk with Jackfruit and share about his business 



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