vietnam bike tour adventure

Cycling community ride for Expat and Local in Saigon


In the early days of Jackfruit, we were very fortunate to have strong support from the Expat community, and from there the first cycling event to explore the city was born.


Saigon is a very busy city and motorbikes are always crowded, which is one thing that makes many foreigners not confident when riding a bicycle (a very popular culture in Europe is cycling, specifically. like Amsterdam the city of bicycles).


Now Jackfruit will share with you some moments of discovering the Saigon Vietnam bike tour.


Our Jackfruit guides share the guidelines on what to prepare before the trip started


( Bicycles are ready )


Quick brief about the trip schedule 


Ready to go


Our first stop is Xom Chieu market, one of the oldest local market in District 4


( quick stop to share about the market)


Do you know what is the most special thing about District 4 compare to other districts? That is absolutely the alleyway ( Hem ) culture. In the center of district 4, most of the houses are really close to each other, and the road is extremely small, normally only 2 bicycles can go at the same time. Let’s see how our riders enjoy the road 


Video about the alleyway in District 4


Next stop is Chinatown

( Our vietnam cycling riders are parking the bike before heading to the church)

( Beautiful Chinatown apartment)


Alright, the next and last stop on the trip is an authentic apartment that has been built since 1970… 



Does that look awesome to you? 


Happy smiles after the tour end



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And, see you on the road very soon!