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Okay, now let’s start with what to wear. There is a huge variety of cycling clothing out there, in a variety of colors and fabrics ranging from the easily accessible to the extremely expensive.


  1. Padded cycling shorts


The best cycling shorts keep your back pain-free – vietnam bike tour


If you’re wondering: should I wear underwear under padded cycling shorts? the answer is no. It will make you feel hotter than usual, no longer feel comfortable.


The only way to feel comfortable in the saddle is to wear padded shorts, choose the best saddle, adjust the saddle height to your bike, and ride until you get used to it, your saddle.


  1. Use the bike helmet


Make sure your helmets in used before the ride – vietnam bike tour


We know that not everyone wants to use a helmet, but a dedicated road or mountain bike helmet can save you in unexpected accident situations.


These days, it’s not hard to find one that’s comfortable, light, and affordable. And no, you don’t have to buy the most expensive model as they all comply with current safety standards.


  1. Wear protection on the difficult routes



Mountain bikers, particularly when you’re starting out or learning new skills, will be very grateful for a decent pair of gloves and knee pads, as a minimum.


What to wear mountain biking depends on how technical your riding is. If you’re learning big jumps or hardcore downhill trails, consider armor and pads for your elbows, and even back protectors too.


  1. Wear a cycling glove


Make sure glove in used as well – vietnam bike tour

Gloves are not necessary for cycling, but they are vital if we want to avoid destroying our hands when we fall. Extra protection is not the only benefit we get, there are many more reasons why any cyclist should wear gloves (comfort, safety, damping). 


  1. Wear sunglasses


It’s not necessary to cycle whit sunglasses but it is nice to have them on your head while cycling especially in the summertime. Because they will make a ride much more enjoyable and without things getting into your eyes.


No matter whether you use normal or cycling goggles, wearing them is better than not wearing them. Especially if it is windy outside and you are riding at a little bit higher speed you will need something to protect your eyes from that wind blowing in your face.


Where can you buy bicycle clothing accessories?


  1. Batshop 


From the owner’s passion for long-distance cycling, Batshop from a small shop has become popular with the local cycling community in Saigon.


When you need to learn about the secrets of the cycling experience in Vietnam, it will be easy when you find the articles shared here.


About spare parts and bicycle clothes and clothes are very diverse at reasonable prices local people


Address: 25 Phan Van Tri, Binn Thanh District


  1. Decathlon



It’s a sportswear brand from France and provides many sub-conditions for different sports


Advantages: The price is from low to high depending on the level, and European standards, so the product quality is very good


Cons: Due to providing many products that can be manipulated differently, the products are not diversified




There are 3 outlet stores in Tan Phu District and District 2 – Ho Chi Minh city 



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