An awesome local insider’s Guide to District 4


  1. Location of District 4 in Saigon


Previously, because of 3 sides facing the river, the movement and trade connection between District 4 and other districts was limited, making the economy of District 4 HCMC unstable. In recent years, the development of the transport system, including 7 modern bridges and the construction of many new bridges in the future, has helped District 4 connect with:


– District 1 and District 5, 8 Via Nguyen Van Cu Bridge.


– District 1 Through Ong Lanh Bridge, Calmette Bridge


– District 1, 2 through Khanh Hoi Bridge


– District 7 Phu My Hung – South Saigon via Kenh Te bridge, Tan Thuan bridge 1, 2


  1. History of District 4 in Saigon


August 31, 1953: District 4 was established and belongs to the Saigon – Cho Lon area. The boundary of District 4 at that time now belongs to the boundaries of District 5, District 8 and District 10 today.


June 30, 1951: The Saigon – Cho Lon area changed its name to Do Thanh Saigon – Cho Lon. District 4 now belongs to Do Thanh Saigon – Cho Lon with the same boundary.


  1. What to do in District 4 


  • Urban Apartment


Hang Phan Apartment was built before 1975 with a scale of 4 floors, located on Nguyen Huu Hao Street, District 4.


Hang Phan apartment from above – vietnam adventure cycling tour


This apartment building is attached to the Hang Phan market, the market is assembled from umbrellas and is the place to generate income for some households living in the apartment.


This apartment is like a memory of Saigon, with the architecture that the small market right below creates a special feature for the landscape architecture here.


  • Xom Chieu Market


Xom Chieu Market, also known as market 200, is located at the church area, Xom Chieu, Ward 15, District 4, Saigon. This place is known as the snack mecca in District 4 attracting young Saigonese with more than 500 shops and selling all kinds of specialties from three regions. Coming to the 200 market, you will discover a snack paradise, everything is available but the price is super cheap from only 10,000 VND ( 50 cent).


In front of Xom Chieu market – vietnam adventure cycling tour


The operating time of Xom Chieu market is from 6am to 23h45. Xom Chieu Market is open all day, so you can comfortably arrange your time to explore snacks and shop here. Note, the period from 17h to 22h is the most crowded market.


  • Khanh Hoi Park


This is a green park with a fairly large area with 4.9 hectares of trees. With a system of green trees, fresh air, lotus ponds, banyan trees, and shady phoenix trees. The park has selected suitable plants, flowers and grass according to the nature of the project. They are planted alternately between the game zones in the whole amusement park, while ensuring the utility of shading.


A green corner in Khanh Hoi park – vietnam adventure cycling tour

People in Khanh Hoi area in District 4 often get up very early. They get up very early to exercise, to go to the park to breathe. Or in the afternoon, there are many uncles and aunts who come here to practice nursing. Create a safe and healthy ecosystem for the people here. The park is fully equipped with basic exercise equipment. That’s why you can come here to breathe and then take some pictures as a souvenir.


  • Small alleyway “Hem” culture


Saigon has up to 80% of residents living in small alleys, many households have many generations attached to their familiar alleys. Many alleys gather fellow countrymen to live and set up a career, becoming a feature of the alleys of people from the same hometown and relatives in the old country. Like many alleys that gather people with the same profession and then become a craft village alley: Making shoes, weaving and dyeing, lanterns, burning incense, carpenters, selling knock noodles, lottery tickets, selling newspapers…


Small group of Jackfruit riders are exploring the alleyway of district 4 – vietnam adventure cycling tour


  1. What to eat in District 4


  • Banh Xeo Ba Hai ( Pan cake )


A small but cozy space of the shop – Vietnam Adventure Cycling Tour


The restaurant “Ba Hai banh xeo” is located on Le Van Linh small street behind Xom Chieu market in District 4. Although located quite far from the center of Saigon and only open for sale in a very short time frame, from 11:30 am to about 6 pm. It’s over at 7pm, but it’s always packed with customers.


Cooking space just along the alleyway – vietnam adventure cycling tour 


The most interesting image is probably the moment of pouring pancakes right in front of the shop. After the fresh shrimps and pork belly were just put into the pan, Mrs. Hai scooped up a patch of yellow powder and poured it in to hear the real “sizzling”. Coat the dough evenly throughout the pan (the right size for Western pancakes), cover for a while until cooked, drizzle a little bit of water, so you have a golden pancake that is crispy and attractive until the end.


  • Vinh Khanh Food Street


Address: 40 Vinh Khanh, Ward 8, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City


Vinh Khanh Food Street (Ward 10, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City) has long been famous for its image of a crowded street with diverse and attractive eateries that delight diners near and far, especially Weekends are the busiest time.


According to some people, snail dish is considered a typical dish of Vinh Khanh street. The snail dishes at many restaurants have their own delicious and attractive processing methods, creating different flavors.


Vinh Khanh Food Street at night – Vietnam adventure cycling tour

  • Thao Snail 


Address: 383 Vinh Khanh, Ward 8, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City 


With a history of nearly 20 years starting from a small trolley, today Oc Thao is a favorite place for many Saigonese when searching for snails.


The main menu of the restaurant includes dishes such as roasted salted snails, fried garlic snails, fried coconut snails … with affordable prices. Besides, the best seller of the restaurant that you should not miss is the crab claws with tamarind sauce with a natural sweet taste combined with the sourness of the sauce.


The next plus point of the restaurant is the extremely professional, fast and enthusiastic staff. Even in cases where the restaurant is very crowded, the staff still prepares very quickly, so you don’t have to wait for a long time.


The snail shop is located right at Vinh Khanh food street – vietnam adventure cycling tour

With fresh ingredients and a unique way of marinating to create a leading brand of snails in saigon – Vietnam adventure cycling tour



The most popular snail dish here – scallop – vietnam adventure cycling tour