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It’s all begin back to 2014 when Dung Ho, current founder of Jackfruit Adventure, have worked in travel industry in the South Vietnam for quite a long time ( 8 years ) from small tour travel agencies to the big travel agency players ( you name it). There is one thing in common, all the tours on the market are quite  familiar and there is gap of experience truly local experiences with going top sightseeing places with the less connected to locals. 

There is always a calling inside him there much be a way for visitors enjoy a different Vietnam. And as a traveler himself, he found a better way for travelers experience Vietnam. There is nothing more than with little savings, support from beloved friends to started this.

And since September 2022, Jackfruit Adventure has been official started 


So why Jackfruit?

Yes, we got this question many time from our customers 

As you may know, when you started a business, picking a name for it wouldn’t be easy at all, you know that it will go with the business forever. 

Vietnam as a tropical countries, we think one thing in common when tourist coming over here, one of the things is tasting the FRUITS. And in Vietnam, one popular fruit you can see almost everywhere from South to North Vietnam is Jackfruit. 

Jackfruit is normally growing in countryside, like local villages, however you can also find it in middle of busy city as Saigon. If you ask any Vietnamese, Jackfruit probably the fruit that has been a apart of their childhood memories. 

That’s how we decided to pick Jackfruit






Dung Ho – the CEO of Jackfruit Adventures. His love of traveling, photograph and sharing amazing stories has turned his way to create Jackfruit Adventure and sharing his traveling love to the world.

In March 2022, back to the cycling time when he was travelling in Phu Quoc Island for 2 weeks cycling along Mekong Delta, at Star Beach (Bai Sao), he feels so in touch with the life of traveling and want to share this passion on the bicycle. It was such amazing how on 2 wheels and you can discover, feel the life of local in a slow movement and stay happy.

That’s how Jackfruit has been found with a simple mission LEAD THE HAPPINESS MOVEMENT


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